How to disinfect your tank

How to disinfect your tank

  • Add the correct amount of chlorine to your tank, preferably when it is filling. It is important that the chlorine is distributed right through the tank for it to be fully effective.
  • Wait at least one hour.
  • The water should then be safe to drink.
  • You might taste or smell chlorine, but it will quickly disappear.

How much chlorine do I use?

It is recommended you use a solution of five milligrams of chlorine for every litre of water you have in your tank.

For every 1000 litres of water, this converts to:

  • 40 millilitres of sodium hypochlorite solution (12.5 per cent chlorine), or
  • seven grams of calcium hypochlorite powder (75 per cent chlorine).

These chemicals are available from swimming pool shops and other suppliers.

Other forms of chlorine such as ‘stabilised chlorine’ should not be used.


I don’t want to add chlorine to my water. What else can I do?

Small quantities of water needed for drinking, cooking and washing food can be disinfected by boiling water.