Tasmanian Health Organisation - North West

Tasmanian Health Organisation - North West

Tasmainan Health Organisation - North West (THO-North West) is a statutory authority, created and governed by the Tasmanian Health Organisations Act 2011 (THO Act).  It commenced operations on 1 July 2012, superseding the previous Area Health Service.

The primary function of the THO is to improve, promote, protect and maintain the health of persons to whom the organisation is required to provide health services to.  It does this by conducting and managing public hospitals, health institutions, health services and health support services that are under its control.

The Tasmanian Minister for Health and the Treasurer are the responsible Ministers under the THO Act.  Together they perform the role of System Manager as described in section 8 (a) of the National Health Reform Agreement:

  • Establishing the legislative basis and governance arrangements for public hospital services.
  • System-wide public hospital service planning and performance.
  • Purchasing of public hospital services and monitoring of the delivery of services purchased.
  • Planning, funding and delivering capital.
  • Planning, funding (with the Australian Government) and delivering teaching, training and research.

Managing THO performance; and

  • Statewide public hospital industrial relations, including negotiation of Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) and remuneration and employment terms and conditions.

As the Departments for the respective Ministers, the Department of Treasury and Finance and DHHS perform many of the roles and functions of the responsible Ministers.

THO-North West is guided by a Governing Council, which sets the THOs strategic direction. The Governing Council consists of a chairman and four other members. The Governing Council is appointed by and accountable to the responsible Ministers.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of THO-North West, leads a management team responsible for the administration and management of THO operations.  The CEO is appointed by the Premier as the Minister administering the State Service Act 2000 on the recommendation of the Governing Council and is accountable to the Governing Council.

Under the THO Act, the Tasmanian Minister for Health annually enters into Service Agreements with the THO Governing Council.  The key purpose of these documents is to agree on the schedule of services to be provided by the THO and the funding to be provided in relation to the provision of those services. 

The Tasmanian Minister for Health and the Treasurer also issued the Ministerial Charter for THO-North West effective 1 October 2012.  The Ministerial Charter outlines the responsible Ministers' broad policy expectations, including strategic priorities, performance expectations and objectives for THO-North West.  THO-North West demonstrates compliance with the Ministerial Charter through its Corporate Plan.

Performance of the THOs is monitored and reported to the Tasmanian Minister for Health by the DHHS Secretary through the System Purchasing and Performance Unit.  THOs also utilise shared services provided by the DHHS for asset management, business systems, finance, internal audit, payroll, procurement and risk management.

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