Working in Health Promoting Ways (WiHPW) is a health promotion resource for health and community workers to help them work together to address the causes of ill health, reduce the burden of chronic conditions and create a more sustainable health system.

The vision is Wellness.  Wellness nurtures, supports and sustains health and wellbeing by using a holistic approach to considering what might be happening for them, including emotionally, financially, physically, socially and spiritually.

Principles of PracticeWorking in Health Promoting Ways Diagram

There are eight Principles of Practice for working in health promoting ways.

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Health Literacy

Health literacy is how a person can find, understand, make decisions and act on health information.  How community and health organisations are set up and how we communicate as healthcare providers can make it easier for people to find and access health information.

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Priority Areas

There are seven identified Priority Areas for health promotion action.

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