Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval

Ambulance Tasmania

Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval

The Aero-Medical and Medical Retrieval Division (AMMRD) of Ambulance Tasmania (AT) provides inter-facility transport and mobile critical care for patients requiring movement within and outside Tasmania. AT utilises a range of transport options for Aero-Medical and Medical Retrieval activity which includes road ambulances, the fixed wing air ambulance, special operations vehicles and occasionally the Tasmania rescue helicopter.

Adult and paediatric retrievals are performed by the AMMRD with a team based in Launceston, while neonatal and limited paediatric retrievals are performed by the Neonatal Emergency Transport Service (NETS) based in Hobart.

The Aero-Medical and Medical Retrieval Division is responsible for:

  • Management of fixed-wing resources and contract
  • Staffing and equipment of fixed wing aero-medical services
  • Management of Flight/Retrieval paramedics
  • All specialist medical retrieval cases
  • Rotary wing service planning
  • Medical Retrieval Services including Clinical Coordination and Retrievals
  • Clinical governance of aero-medical and medical retrieval services

Interfacility Transfers are performed by fixed wing aircraft or by road, depending on resources, weather conditions, destination and patient factors. Only one retrieval team and one fixed wing aircraft is available to cover the retrieval and air ambulance needs of the state.