Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Ambulance Tasmania

Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Health Transport Services

Ambulance Tasmania's Health Transport Services (HTS) division was established as a separate entity in February 2011 and is responsible for all non-emergency patient transport services (NEPTS) across Tasmania.

Operating from five base stations, HTS is an integrated state wide service which brings together the previous three regional patient transport teams and dedicated communications centre staff located in Hobart.

HTS operates from 7:30AM until 5:00PM Monday to Friday and can be reach by calling 1300 513 997. 

HTS transports low-acuity, medically stable public patients without charge to, from and between DHHS facilities when the patient's condition precludes the use of alternative transport. It forms part of the DHHS continuum of care for public patients who require a stretcher or wheelchair, a basic level of care or observation in transit or where the patient's condition prohibits the use of public or alternative transport means.

 The majority of HTS transfers relate to inter-facility transfers and hospital discharges to nursing homes, supporting the effective flow of the public hospital system and reducing demand for emergency ambulances by transporting low acuity patients.

With a referral from a health care professional, HTS also provides transport for outpatient appointments and palliative placement or discharge.

HTS is a pre-booked non emergency service and requires a referral from a health care professional. Members of the public cannot access the service directly. HTS does not routinely transport patient to or between private health care facilities.