Vehicle Fleet

Ambulance Tasmania

Vehicle Fleet

Ambulance Tasmania's has a fleet of approximately 150 vehicles including 100 stretcher ambulances, most of which are based on the Mercedes Sprinter.

For paramedics, the ambulance is their primary place of work, so significant effort goes into making sure these custom-built vehicles allow them quick access to everything they might need while treating patients.

All ambulances are fully stocked with the latest medical equipment and supplies including defibrillators, spine board and cervical collars, splints, medical supplies, oxygen, medical drugs and radio communications, and soon in-vehicle mobile data terminals linked seamlessly to Ambulance Tasmania's dispatch system.

The Ambulance Tasmania fleet also includes:

  • four-wheel drive ambulances
  • rapid response cars
  • Special Operations Vehicles.

Our four wheel drive ambulances are used to go off-road to reach patients in remote areas and where there is sometimes a need to travel along bush and fire tracks or in the snow. They are located strategically across Tasmania, especially in more remote ambulance stations.

Our rapid response cars are used by CERTs, paramedics, clinical support officers and managers to provide a first response or assistance to ambulance crews in the field. While they cannot carry stretcher patients, they carry much of the other medical equipment carried in a regular ambulance.

Our Special Operation Vehicles fill three distinct and and different roles. Firstly, they are used to carry larger patients who cannot safely be loaded onto conventional stretchers or transported safely using a regular ambulance. Secondly, they are used as mobile neonatal intensive care units for transfer of infants requiring specialist medical care between hospitals. Thirdly, they can be reconfigured as forward-command posts for large-scale emergencies such as bushfires. There is a Special Operations Vehicle based in each of Launceston, Burnie and Hobart.