Smartphone Apps

Ambulance Tasmania

Smartphone Apps

Ambulance Tasmania currently publishes two smartphone applications ("Apps"), one for staff and one for the general public and available for iPhones, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Ambulance Tasmania also encourages use of the "Emergency +" smartphone App developed by Australia's Triple Zero Awareness Working Group for iPhones and Android devices.

Ambulance Smartphone Apps

There is a range of other publicly available apps that claim to assist callers in an emergency. Some of these apps simply provide information about who to contact, while others claim to assist callers in requesting emergency assistance or to provide information about the caller's location to an emergency service organisation.

If you are considering using one of these apps, be aware that:

  • not all of them can do what they claim and could delay emergency assistance
  • the only way of contacting Triple Zero (000) is with a voice call—you cannot use SMS, email, instant messaging, video calling or social media to contact emergency services via Triple Zero (000)
  • apps are not able to automatically provide details of your location to Triple Zero (000) or an emergency service organisation—however, you can read out your GPS coordinates to the emergency operator if they are provided on your smartphone.

You should not rely on any smartphone app as your only way of requesting emergency assistance. In an emergency it is always best to call Triple Zero (000) direct.


AED Locator 


Emergency Plus