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"Excellent hospital for training, fantastic work environment, good support for junior staff"
Dr Sudheer Talari, Resident Medical Officer

"Everyone is treated equal" Rebekah Short, Intern

Current Doctors in Training Campaign

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  • State-wide campaign
  • Medical Interns: opened Tuesday 4 May 2021
  • Resident Medical Officers 2022: 7 June 2021
  • Registrars - Various open and close dates - please see below.

The Royal Hobart Hospital

The integration of Tasmania's Southern Hospitals and Primary Health will give service providers the flexibility within the Southern region to ensure people have the best services we can provide as close as possible to where they live. The Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) is vital part of this health service.

The RHH is Tasmania's largest hospital and the major referral centre servicing a population of approximately 240,000 people. As the major centre of clinical teaching and research, it has a strong collaborative relationship with the University of Tasmania and other institutions. The RHH provides a comprehensive training program for junior doctors.

The RHH has a great team to support our junior medical staff. We provide excellent clinical experience, mentoring, education, training and support and have strong social networks. A major advantage of starting your career with us is the opportunity to develop extensive practical skills in a wide variety of specialties. A comprehensive range of general and specialty medical and surgical services are provided including many state-wide services such as cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, extensive burns treatment, hyperbaric medicine, neonatal and paediatric intensive care and high risk obstetrics. Critical care services are often the patients' first point of contact and are divided into intensive care services and emergency medicine services. As a major tertiary referral centre we have facilities and technology that are hard to match including MRI's, PET scanners, a Paediatric ICU, and a hyperbaric chamber. Interstate patients come to us for some services.


Applications Open

Applications Close
Accredited Senior Registrar- Obstetrics & Gynaecology23 June 202123 July 2021
Advanced Trainee – Geriatric Medicine1 June 202130 June 2021
Advanced Trainee General & Acute Care Medical Registrar28 June 202125 September 2021
Advanced Training/Senior Registrar in High Risk Obstetrics/Ultrasound14 June 20219 July 2021
Basic Trainee Year 1 (Statewide Paediatric)1 June 202130 June 2021
Neurology -  Neuroimmunology & Neuromuscular Senior Registrar/Fellow1 June 202130 June 2021
Emergency Medicine Registrar 1 June 2021 30 August 2021
General Medicine Registrar (Including BPT3s)28 June 202125 September 2021
General Registrar Campaign 1 June 202130 August 2021
Geriatric Medicine Registrar 7 June 20219 July 2021
Hyperbaric Registrar 17 June 202130 July 2021
ICU Registrar/Senior Registrar & Transitional Fellow21 June 202116 August 2021
Infectious Diseases Advance Trainee 7 June 202123 July 2021
Medical Administration Registrar8 July 202123 July 2021
Medical Interns4 May 2021Closed
Medical Oncology Advanced TraineeTBATBA
Medical Oncology Registrar 7 June 202123 July 2021
Microbiology Advance Trainee 7 June 202123 July 2021
Obstetrics and Gynaecology DDU Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound AT/Senior Registrar7 June 20219 July 2021
Pain Medicine Trainee27 May 202123 July 2021
Pain Medicine/Rheumatology RegistrarTBATBA
Palliative Care Registrar1 June 202130 August 2021
Pathology Registrar7 June 202123 July 2021
Pelvic Surgery14 May 202125 June 2021
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Registrar7 June 20219 July 2021
Radiology Registrar1 June 2021Closed
Rehabilitation Registrar7 June 20219 July 2021
Resident Medical Officer 2022 Campaign7 June 202111 July 2021
Rheumatology Advance Trainee24 August 202124 September 2021
Senior Resident Medical Officer (ICU/Anaes) 30 April  2021Closed
Senior Resident Medical Officer (O&G)7 June 20219 July 2021
Statewide Anaesthetic Training Program Various datesVarious dates
Statewide Paediatric Training Program 1 June 202130 June 2021
Unaccredited Cardiothoracic Registrar1 June 202130 June 2021
Unaccredited ENT RegistrarTBATBA
Unaccredited General Surgery Registrar (Including Paediatric Surgery rotation)17 June 202130 July 2021
Unaccredited Maxillofacial RegistrarTBATBA
Unaccredited Neurosurgery Registrar10 June 202117 September 2021
Unaccredited Ophthalmology Registrar2 July 202112 July 2021
Unaccredited Orthopaedic Registrar28 June 20215 July 2021
Unaccredited Registrar SIMG Obstetrics & Gynaecology7 June 20219 July 2021
Unaccredited Urology Registrar9 July 20213 September 2021

Our departments and opportunities for doctors-in-training

Current Doctors in Training Campaign

Click on the links below to apply for positions with the Tasmanian Health Service - Royal Hobart Hospital

Living in Hobart

Hobart, the State's capital is the largest city in Tasmania. It has many historic buildings, parks and gardens, museums, galleries and markets, cultural events and festivals, great food and produce, bushland and spectacular scenery and great proximity to other attractions. Hobart offers many lifestyle advantages and choices, short distances make it possible to live in rural tranquillity while commuting to a city job or to relax on an uncrowded beach or pursue more active pursuits outside of working hours.