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We believe DHHS provides the ideal place to work as a junior doctor. Our people are important to us, they make us who we are.

You can work in a range of settings, each region offers something unique and different for doctors.  We are committed to raising the health and well being of our community and we are committed to helping our staff be the best they can.

Our focus is on consolidating your skills, knowledge and experience and career choice exploration

Don't just take our word for it. 

Royal Hobart Hospital

Dr Phoebe Stewart- Intern 2011

"The RHH is a great place to work if you want a close relationship with your consultants and an intern job that involves more than just clerking.... the perfect sized hospital for intern year!"

Dr Mark Toppin-Intern 2011

"I have enjoyed the year and found the hospital supportive, friendly and the work diverse and challenging. Working with such high quality of fellow interns made the year much better." –

Rebekah Short – Intern

“Knowing the health system after doing my training here I want to give back to the community. I have a loyalty to the hospital.” “Lots of social opportunities”

“Everyone is treated equal”

Dr Sudheer Talari – Resident Medical Officer

"Excellent hospital for training, fantastic work environment, good support for junior staff” Melinda Venn – Registrar"It has been great to work in a hospital large enough to have a good access to services but small enough to get to know people and really feel part of the team. I moved to Tassie as an Intern and plan to make it my home. The welcome was warm and friendly, I’ve had access to a broad range of rotations and enjoy teaching. The teams are small and I have had plenty of chances to scrub in to theatre rather than standing in the back behind a row of registrars!" 

Bhavna Maindiratta – Resident Medical Officer

“I get to see a variety of patients as all the complicated cases are refereed to the RHH.”

Dr Radhika Chikramane – Registrar

Royal Hobart Hospital is a great place to work. One of the best things about RHH is that it has an open, collaborative environment where all staff get strong support from the hospital and each other. Working for RHH is very gratifying and everyone is deeply committed towards a healthier community. It is these values that drive people to do their best.”

“When I started I felt welcome, I didn’t feel like an outsider, seniors respect you.”

“I started as a resident after hearing good things about Tassie, people are more approachable.”

Dr Shanu Gambhir” - Neurosurgery

“Better housing in Tassie, you get better houses for your money” “Great hospital, good support from the recruitment administrative staff”

THO - North West

Luke Mitchell

Registrar (DEM/Anaesthetics), North West Regional Hospital

Luke fell in love with Tasmania a few years ago when he travelled there as part of the John Flynn Placement Program. He has been working at the North West Regional Hospital for the past two years.

Luke said the beauty of working in a small hospital is that there is greater opportunity for him to be involved in specialised procedures. While his mainland counterparts might be competing with a large number of other junior doctors to be included in procedures, Luke said those opportunities were far easier to obtain at the North West Regional Hospital.

Luke said the flexible, supportive working environment at the hospital had also allowed him to take holidays at a time convenient to him, rather than being pushed onto the bottom of a pre-existing roster.

Given his love of nature and bushwalking, one of Luke’s favourite things about living on the North West Coast of Tasmania is that he can drive just five minutes up the road and be immersed by bush.

Luke also loves the fact that he can now walk to work everyday.

Michelle Hamrosi

RMO, North West Regional Hospital

After finishing her studies at Melbourne University, Michelle knew she wanted to begin her working career in a regional hospital. Given her love for the outdoors and particularly hiking, she said Tasmania was an obvious choice for both work and play.

Michelle said the North West Regional Hospital has been the perfect fit for her, offering a supportive, flexible working environment and the opportunity to learn in a broad range of medical specialties.

Michelle said rotations at the North West Regional Hospital had offered her broad experience in many different areas of medicine. This was a real drawcard for Michelle as she works towards becoming a rural GP.

One of the perks of working in a small hospital was how quick it was to get to know all of her colleagues, Michelle said.

The North West Regional Hospital is very much a community-oriented hospital too, with local residents holding it in high regard.

Pradeep Sanjamala

RMO - North West Area Health Service (both campuses)

After growing up and completing his medical studies in India, Pradeep Sanjamala was keen to search for opportunities to build his career elsewhere in the world.

Pradeep initially took up the challenge to move to North West Tasmania to work for the North West Area Health Service (NWAHS) upon some stellar recommendations made to him by friends already working there.
Pradeep, and his circle of friends now refer to Tasmania as the, “island of inspiration.”
Pradeep says it is the support and encouragement from the friendly staff who work across the North West Area Health Service’s two hospitals that make it such a fantastic place to work.
Teamed with the cooler climate and beautiful landscape, North West Tasmania provides Pradeep the perfect backdrop for his professional and personal life.
Pradeep said the work is challenging, and his days are busy, but that's exactly the way he likes it!

Nisha Nangethu

RMO – North West Area Health Service (both campuses)

Qualification: RMO – North West Area Health Service (both campuses)

After a two year stint working in Melbourne as disability worker, USA – born RMO Nisha Nangethu was looking for a sea change.

Since beginning work in the DEM department at Mersey Community Hospital two months ago Nisha says she’s already been spoilt for learning opportunities.

Nisha said Mersey Community Hospital offered regular education sessions for junior doctors to learn about a broad range of specialties – something not often offered at larger metropolitan hospitals.
In addition to the fantastic learning opportunities, Nisha said it had been the staff at the Mersey Community Hospital which made it such an excellent place to work.  Nisha said the support offered to her by her colleagues had exceeded all expectations.

Dr Shed Dhuny

Dr Dhuny is originally from Mauritius; however she graduated from the University of Dublin in 2006 and she did her Internship in Singapore before moving to Burnie in 2008. Unfortunately her Internship from Singapore was not accredited so she worked as an Intern again for another year and subsequently stayed on working as a RMO in 2009 and she is now working as a registrar in anaesthetics and HDU.

Dr Dhuny said “She wanted to work somewhere different, closer to nature” and to this end Burnie has served the purpose, she went on to say “the experience had been great, fantastic support, good learning opportunities and good support from senior staff including the consultants”. Shed stated she had “good work life balance and enjoyed Burnie hospital where I never feel alone and colleagues are always there to help”.

Dr Dhuny wishes to remain at Burnie or at least stay in Tasmania and she hopes to pursue a career in anaesthetics.

Dr Subatra Andaciva

Dr Subatra Andaciva is from Hong Kong although she completed her medical degree in Malaysia, she was offered Internship year at Burnie in 2009 and is currently working as an RMO.

Dr Andaciva said “I was impressed by the very welcoming staff, I enjoy going to work, and opportunities are very good for education and training….” Subatra went on to say that there are a lot of international doctors in the area and that in 2009 she helped form The Burnie Medical Society (for doctors). Asked if she missed city life (remembering she is from Hong Kong) she said “..I am not home sick, I enjoy being able to walk to work and I have found good restaurant and coffee shops to enjoy”.

When asked about what she liked about her job she said “the work was varied, I have an interest in anaesthetics and I have been able to undertake a Critical Care Course which has been great”, she went on to indicate that “if offered a position to stay next year I would certainly consider the opportunity”.