Work Life Balance and Flexibility

Flexibility and Worklife balance

"Given his love of nature and bushwalking, one of Luke's favourite things about living on the North West Coast of Tasmania is that he can drive just 5 minutes up the road and be immersed in bush" Luke Mitchell Registrar, North West Regional Hospital

We value work life balance and recognise it is important to our people. We also appreciate that our people may be seeking different flexibility options throughout their working life.

Stage of life, personal circumstances or goals or work requirements may all require a change to working circumstances to better meet individual and business needs.

The range of options offered by us is varied and can depend on a range of factors including individual need, business objectives, operating hours, and health and safety.

Our staff may enjoy many benefits that help them balance the demands of work and their personal lives.

Flexibility may be built into work arrangements, working hours, leave options or employee assistance in the workplace and vary according to individual occupations and workplaces:

Flexible modes of employment - full time, part time, contract or casual

Flexible working hours by agreement including:

  • Quality part time work

  • Graduated part-time work

  • Job sharing

  • Flexible hours arrangements

  • Flex time for eligible employees

  • Family friendly workplaces

  • Reasonable working hours

  • Variable start/finish times

  • Consultative rostering

  • Home-based work

  • Breastfeeding at work

  • Carer-friendly workplaces

  • Downshifting - phased retirement options

  • Employee assistance program

  • Job mobility

  • Healthy active workplaces, with programs to promote a healthy body and mind.

  • Subsidised/low cost gym facilities in a number of locations offering individual assessments and program design.

  • Fostering a sense of community, our employees participate regularly in community events and we have many social groups and clubs to meet a broad range of interests.

  • Safety, health and well being programs

  • Telephone Access

A range of flexible leave arrangements include:

  • Recreation leave

  • State Service Accumulated Leave Scheme

  • Long service leave

  • Parental leave (incorporating adoption leave)

  • Personal leave (incorporating sick leave and carer's leave)

  • Rostered days off

  • Study assistance

  • Special/Emergency leave

  • Blood/Plasma Donors Leave

  • Bereavement leave

  • Leave without pay (LWOP)

  • Defence force leave

  • Emergency service activities

  • Jury service

  • Sporting and cultural events

Find out more at Tasmanian State Service - Flexible Leave Arrangements

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