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Regular updates will be made available below following the Redesign Oversight Committee meetings.

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Latest News

Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework

On 6 June 2018, the Minister for Human Services the Hon Roger Jaensch MP launched the updated Tasmanian Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework, fulfilling a key deliverable in the Strong Families, Safe Kids Implementation Plan. The framework articulates an agreed, common definition of child wellbeing and provides a launch pad for a range of future initiatives.

Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework

Child and Youth Wellbeing Framework (accessible)

Children’s Advice and Referral Alliance

On 6 June 2017, the Strong Families, Safe Kids Project Team released the final model for the Children’s Advice and Referral Alliance (CARA), which will provide a single point of entry for people seeking information, advice and service referral in regard to significant concerns for the safety and wellbeing of children.

Detailed description of the CARA model: Children's Advice and Referral Alliance

Advice and Referral Service - Consultation Closes 28 Feb 2017

This consultation paper has been developed as part of broader consultation undertaken to date in relation to the proposed model for the Advice and Referral Service envisaged within the Implementation Plan. Initial consultation with Child Safety employees and key government and non-government stakeholders (directly affected by the proposed move to a single front door) has informed the development of the model to date, and broader feedback is now being sought.

Find out more and download the Consultation Paper

About the Strong Families - Safe Kids Initiative

The State Government is committed to improving the child protection system in Tasmania to better protect our most vulnerable children.

A comprehensive Redesign of the Child Protection Services was started in August 2015.

The overriding goal of the Redesign is to secure the safety of children by doing the very best we can all do to support their families and communities.

A Redesign Reference Group was set up to develop the Redesign. The final report of the Reference Group is called Redesign of Child Protection Services Tasmania: Strong Families, Safe Kids. It was released on 15 March 2016.
You can download a copy of the report here

The Government has agreed to all recommendations in the report.

Strong Families – Safe Kids Implementation Plan

The Strong Families – Safe Kids Implementation Plan outlines actions the Tasmanian Government will take to build an integrated system that can respond innovatively and effectively to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, and to support families and communities in doing so.

The Implementation Plan not only addresses the specific recommendations of the Strong Families – Safe Kids Report, but also articulates the steps required to fundamentally change the way government and non-government agencies work collaboratively to deliver services to improve the wellbeing of all Tasmanian children.

The Implementation Plan articulates five key strategies that form the architecture of the redesign of the child protection system.

They are:

1: Placing the well-being of children at the centre of services

2: Building a common, integrated risk assessment and planning system

3: Creating a single front door

4: Providing better support for children and their families

5: Redesigning the Child Protection Service with additional support

Download a copy of the Implementation Plan

Find out about Refocusing the Child Safety Response

Find out about Creating a ‘Single Front Door'

Find out about Investment in Student Wellbeing

Find out about Better Support for Children and Families

Project Governance

Redesigning the child protection system will take time and will require strong leadership and unwavering commitment from a broad range of stakeholders from across government and non-government.

A Child Protection Redesign Oversight Committee has been formed to provide high-level governance over the implementation process. Membership is common to the Safe Home, Safe Families Steering Committee and includes Heads of Agency from Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Education, Department of Justice and Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management.

An Employee Reference Group with representatives from across the state has been established to support the implementation process and provide advice and information to the Oversight Committee.

A Cross-Sectoral Consultative Committee is being formed as a reference group to inform implementation of the recommendations, and build networks and encourage collaboration across the non-government sector.

Project Streams

The 30 Actions detailed in the Strong Families, Safe Kids Implementation Plan have been organised into 11 sub projects across four project streams:

Stream 1: Child Wellbeing and Risk

  • Sub Project 1 - Child Wellbeing
  • Sub Project 2 - Shared Understanding of Risk
  • Sub Project 5 - Cross-Sectoral Consultative Committee

Stream 2: Cross Government Coordination and Integration

  • Sub Project 3 - Advice and Referral
  • Sub Project 4 - Coordination and Earlier Intervention

Stream 3: Improved Practice

  • Sub Project 6 - Developing Child Safety
  • Sub Project 9 - Legislative and Policy
  • Sub Project 10 - Human Resources

Stream 4: Information Exchange and Evaluation

  • Sub Project 7 - Oversight
  • Sub Project 8 - Information Technology
  • Sub Project 11 - Measuring Outcomes

The Project Implementation Streams Matrix shows how the 30 project actions are divided across these sub-projects.

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