Project Update - November 2016

Work continues on implementation of the Strong Families, Safe Kids Redesign Project, with significant progress across the four broad implementation streams:

Stream 1: Child Wellbeing and Risk

Stream 2: Cross Government Coordination and Integration

Stream 3: Improved Practice

Stream 4: Information Exchange and Evaluation

The Project Team will continue to release regular updates for stakeholders, which will generally include a summary of progress under each of these streams.

You can download a PDF of this update here: Strong Families, Safe Kids Project Update - November 2016.

Stream One – Child Wellbeing and Risk

Work has commenced on the development of a common understanding of child wellbeing in Tasmania (Action 2), with a Child Wellbeing Symposium being held in November to engage with key stakeholders from across government and the community sector. Further consultation on the development of the common understanding of child wellbeing will occur toward the end of 2016 and into early 2017.

Work has commenced with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) to identify and plan for the promotion of The Common Approach across Tasmania (Action 5). The Common Approach is an evidence-based framework designed to support professionals to have quality conversations with young people and their families about all aspects of wellbeing. You can find out more about The Common Approach at

Initial training sessions are being scheduled for 13 December 2016 (Hobart) and 15 December 2016 (Launceston), more information will be available at or contact

An Expression of Interest process for members of the Cross-Sectoral Consultative Committee on Child Wellbeing (Action 9) is currently underway and closes at 2:00pm on Friday, 25 November. More information about the Committee, including submitting an EOI is available by following the Cross Sectoral Consultative Committee link at

Stream Two – Cross Government Coordination and Integration

Planning and consultation on the proposed Statewide Advice and Referral Service (Action 10) continues with a number of consultation sessions throughout September and October.

It is envisaged a draft model based on feedback received from the consultation process will be released for feedback inlate December 2016, early January 2017.

A selection process is currently underway for an additional position to lead work on brokering assertive family services, including the development of appropriate criteria and processes to support access to these services (Action 13). This investment will be targeted towards those children and families, who have been reported to Child Safety, who require an immediate and intensive level of support.

Stream Three – Improved Practice

The name change to Child Safety Service (CSS) has been in effect from 30 September 2016 (Action 1). This name change emphasises the need to shift our focus from a singular child protection response, to recognise that child safety is just one critical component of a broader picture that ensures the wellbeing of children.

Consultation on the co-design of the proposed Court Teams is ongoing. The Project Team continues to work with HR to progress the establishment of 2 Staff Wellbeing positions. The Project Team also continues to meet regularly with staff and Unions (Actions 15, 17).

The selection process for the first three of 10 new Clinical Practice Consultant and Educator positions is progressing (Action 16) . These roles are an important addition to the clinical governance framework/capability within the CSS, promoting and supporting high standards of ethical and professional practice within the Srvice through mentoring and practice support for frontline staff.

Work continues with the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) to recruit two additional Child Safety/THS Liaison Officer roles, which will work collaboratively with hospital staff in child safety cases of a complex and critical nature (Action 14). These positions also have an important role with regard to children in out of home care who are clients of the THS.

Stream Four – Information Exchange and Evaluation

Work is underway to develop a strategy to roll out new technology to support Child Safety Workers that takes into considerations existing IT infrastructure and lease requirements (Actions 18, 20).

As identified in Action 30 of the Strong Families – Safe Kids Implementation Plan, an Evaluation Framework has been drafted and circulated to member agencies for comment.

Questions and Comments

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