Project Update - September 2016

The implementation of the Strong Families, Safe Kids redesign project is proceeding well, with significant progress across the four broad implementation streams that were detailed in the August update:

  • Stream 1: Child Wellbeing and Risk
  • Stream 2: Cross Government Coordination and Integration
  • Stream 3: Improved Practice
  • Stream 4: Information Exchange and Evaluation

The Project Team will continue to release regular updates for stakeholders, which will generally include a summary of progress under each of these streams.

You can download a PDF version of this update here: Strong Families, Safe Kids Project Update - September 2016.

Stream One – Wellbeing and Risk

Planning is underway to hold a child wellbeing symposium on 15 November 2016 as a first step in developing a Tasmanian Child Wellbeing Framework. This forum will provide an opportunity for key stakeholders from across government and the community sector to discuss the latest developments in the assessment and promotion of child wellbeing, and to hear from a number of distinguished experts in the field. Registration for the Symposium will be by invitation only, with invitations to be issued in the near future.

The Establishment of the Cross-Sectoral Consultative Committee on Child Wellbeing is underway and the Commissioner for Children has agreed to co-chair the Committee.  The group will provide a collaborative planning and consultation forum to support the intent of the redesign process and will include representatives from a range of services responsible for elements of child wellbeing.  A public call for expressions of interest will be released on 8 October 2016.

Stream Two – Cross Government Coordination and Integration

Planning and consultation on the proposed Statewide Advice and Referral Service is underway, with initial information sessions held with staff in September.

A framework for the purchase of family support services is currently being developed to guide further consultation on the important family support component of the broader service system.

Additional positions are being established to lead work on brokering assertive family services, including the development of appropriate criteria and processes to support access to these services.

Stream Three – Improved Practice

The Child Protection Service is now the Child Safety Service. The change of name emphasises the need to shift our focus from a singular child protection response, to recognise that child safety is just one critical component of the wellbeing of children. The new name makes it clear that the service is only one part of the family support system supporting the wellbeing of the child or young person.

Planning and consultation on the co-design of the proposed Court Teams is underway, with initial sessions held with staff in September.

The first three of 10 new Clinical Practice Consultant and Educator positions have been advertised, along with the two additional Child Safety / THS Liaison Officer roles.  The new role of Clinical Practice Consultant and Educator will be an important addition to the clinical governance framework/capability within the Child Safety Service, promoting and supporting high standards of ethical and professional practice within the service through mentoring and practice support for frontline staff. The Child Safety Liaison Officers will work collaboratively with hospital staff in child safety cases of a complex and critical nature. These positions also have an important role with regard to children in out of home care who are clients of the THS.

Stream Four – Information Exchange and Evaluation

Work is occurring within CYS to progress the introduction of mobile computing options for frontline child safety staff.  This will include the identification of a preferred form of technology that is able to support the necessary case management and other software required.

Enhancements to the Child Protection Information System (CPIS) are also currently being planned, and preliminary work in this regard is being progressed by Children and Youth Services.

In July 2016, the Commissioner for Children released a report on the health and wellbeing of Tasmanian children: Health and Wellbeing of Tasmania’s Children, Young People and their Families: Early Childhood and the Transition to School. The project team will work with the Commissioner to build on that work as part of progressing Action 25 within the Implementation Plan: commit to reporting on outcomes.

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