CPS Redesign Project - Supporting Documentation

The CPS Redesign Reference Group is considering a broad range of information sourced locally, nationally and internationally as it works to deliver a strategy for the redesign of child protection services in Tasmania.

Below are links to some of the information the Reference Group has considered. Please note this is provided as information only and does not represent the final view and/or recommendations of the Redesign Reference Group.

South Australian Council of Social Service Keeping Children Safe, Together A Child Protection Symposium
Program and Presentations

Australian Government Department of Social Services Families and Children
The National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children 2009 - 2020
The Third Action Plan 2015 - 2018

Forrester, D, Westlake, D, McCann, M, Thurnham, A, Shefer, G, Glynn, G & Killian, M, University of Bedfordshire, Tilda Goldberg Centre, June 2013
Reclaiming Social Work? An Evaluation of Systemic Units as an Approach to Delivering Children's Services 
Summary Report of a Comparative Study of Practice and the Factors Shaping it in Three Local Authorities

Commissioner for Children Tasmania, 2010, Inquiry into the Circumstances of a 12 Year Old Child Under Guardianship of the Secretary

Parliament of Tasmania, 2011, Select Committee on Child Protection, Final Report

Australian Government Australian Institute of Family Studies
Defining the Public Health Model for the Child Welfare Services Context, CFCA Resource Sheet December 2014

Shelton, Amanda, The 'Reclaiming Social Work' Model in a Statutory Child Protection Organisations and Its Potential Contribution to Queensland Social Policy

Parton, Nigel, British Journal of Social Work, 2014
Social Work, Child Protection and Politics: Some Critical and Constructive Reflections