Autism Advisory Panel


Autism Advisory Panel (AAP) Focus Groups

Communique - July 2017

Communique - May 2017

Communique - August 2016

The purpose of the Autism Advisory Panel is to provide inputs of the development of a long term Autism strategy that meets the needs of Tasmanian across their lifespan.

The panel has representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Education, service providers and families together with the National Disability Insurance Agency.

The role and function of the panel are to:

  • examine and recommend best practice early intervention models that support children with autism, their families and carers including the practicalities of access to the new web-based rethink autism program to ensure maximum use by parents, guardians, teachers, teacher assistants, child care organisations and others who support the child
  • form a prevalence study to inform future planning for whole of life and development of a research industry
  • assess the viability and benefits of clinics that assess, and treat, autism and the many co-morbidities of autism and working closely with established services such as epilepsy support services
  • consider the professional development of health personnel, emergency services, education workers and other professionals in relation to autism, including the introduction of a protocol, such as Autism Speaks
  • finding the best means of delivering awareness, education and practical help for families and carers
  • seek input from relevant organisations, professionals, families and carers caring for people with autism (and individuals with autisms themselves) in addressing the terms of reference.

The Terms of Reference have been signed and endorsed and are now publically available.