Disability Services Bill 2011


In December 2009 the Tasmanian Minister for Human Services released a discussion paper on the review of the Disability Services Act 1992.

The paper sought feedback on how to amend the Disability Services Act 1992 to reflect up-to-date policy and practice, ensure sufficient safeguards for people with a disability and whether services are the best response for those with the greatest needs.

Following feedback from interested people the review steering committee prepared a Consultation Report (May 2010) and a Consultation Response (June 2010).

Copies of the Discussion Paper, Consultation Report and Consultation Response are available via the links below.

Because of the number of suggested amendments, it was decided to draft a new Act.

A draft version of the Disability Services Bill was made available for public comment during December 2010 and January 2011. Feedback and comments have been considered and the Bill redrafted.


  • Disability Services Bill 2011
  • Draft Disability Services Bill for consultation (PDF)
  • Background Information