Individual Funding Unit - Summary

Disability and Community Services funds a range of Individual Support Packages that assist people with disability. These are funded by the Individual Funding Unit through programs as described below:

Individual Support Program

The Individual Support Program assists with everyday living tasks such as:

  • personal support (including personal care activities such as personal hygiene tasks, transfers and dressing) and/or respite (including the former Respite for Older Carers Program)
  • support with activities of daily living in the home or community (including budgeting, shopping, domestic duties)
  • one off support (including personal support hours whilst a primary carer is unavailable, or respite)
  • equipment (including assistance with the cost of wheelchairs, walking aids, standing frames, transfer devices, commodes, communication aids, home and vehicle modifications).

Community Access Program

A wide range of Community Sector Organisations provide Community Access services to people with disability in settings ranging from their local community through to purpose built centres.

These services can assist young people and adults with disability to identify their personal goals, develop plans and work towards achieving their goals in a broad range of areas including recreation, leisure, social activities, skill development and further education.

Younger People in Residential Aged Care Program

The Younger People in Residential Aged Care program assists people by:

  • enhancing the delivery of specialist disability services to younger people with disability who choose to remain in residential aged care or for whom residential aged care remains the only available and suitable option
  • diverting younger people with disability who are at risk of entering residential aged care to more appropriate accommodation
  • assisting younger people with disability living in residential aged care to move to more appropriate accommodation where available.

For more information please refer to the fact sheet that relate to each specific program and/or contact Gateway Services in your local area.

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