Accommodation Vacancy Filling in Tasmania during transition to full scheme NDIS

When a vacancy arises in supported accommodation:

  1. As of 1 April 2017, the Service Provider needs to complete the Vacancy Alert eform (within 48 hours of the vacancy arising).
  2. The Service Provider then needs to provide the Supported Accommodation Vacancy Profile Form to the Gateway Service in the area the vacancy arises.

North West - Mission

ContactEmail Phone Number
Paul Denny (03) 6420 6800

North Baptcare

ContactEmail Phone Number
Janet Martin (03) 6323 6700

South East Mission

ContactEmail Phone Number
Michelle King (03) 6212 6822

South West - Baptcare

ContactEmail Phone Number
Julianne Glover (03) 6283 5700
Jane McKeown (03) 6283 5700

  1. The Gateway Service will keep a ‘List’ of vacancies that they receive profiles for (noting the Southern Gateways will collaborate on this list)
  2. The Gateway Service also maintains the “Needs Register” for people who are seeking supported accommodation.   This can include people who are NDIS participants.
  3. The Gateway Service will ensure that consent is received from any client or participant to be on the needs register including agreement that profile information will be provided to the service provider (and not to any other service).
  4. When the Vacancy Profile is received by the Gateway:
    1. if the vacancy is still a state funded vacancy, they will consider the needs register and provide profile(s) to the Service Provider within 3 days
    2. if there are no clients matched to the Vacancy Profile, the vacancy profile will be sent to NDIA to pass on through the Support Coordinators network. (NDIA contact point:
    3. all other vacancies, the Gateway will email NDIA to pass the vacancy profile on through the Support Coordinators network. The Gateway will provide profile(s) to the Service Provider within 3 days (indicative only).
  5. The Service Provider will work with the Gateway or the Support Coordinator to plan and progress transition for the client/participant.  The Vacancy should be filled within 28 days of the profile being provided to the Gateway.
  6. In the event of 'hard to fill' vacancies, the Gateway Service will bring these to the attention of Disability and Community Services (via the Disability Consultant).  DCS will discuss with the Gateway and the Service Provider possible options and opportunities in relation to the vacancy.

Reference: Filling of Residential Vacancy Policy (DCS)

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