Appetite for life

Appetite for Life

Appetite for life

Appetite for Life has been developed for use by health and community workers who have direct contact with independent living older people (people over the age of 65). It has five main sections that have been compiled to help health and community workers provide high quality and consistent nutrition advice to enable their clients to improve their nutrition status.

The Appetite for Life manual was first developed in 1999, by the North West Nutrition and Dietetic Service (North West N&DS) and the Community Nutrition Unit (CNU) with funding received from Home and Community Care (HACC). Funding was received to conduct a state-wide nutrition project named 'LIFE' (Living In Full for Ever), to improve the health and nutrition status of community living older Tasmanians. The manual was developed in response to a need expressed by Community Health Nurses throughout Tasmania, to enable them to identify older people 'at risk' of poor nutrition, and provide these 'at risk' people with appropriate information.

The Appetite for Life manual was revised in 2002, 2006, 2011 and 2015. The 2006 review was undertaken as part of the Mature Tastes Project, a joint project between the CNU, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and HACC Tasmania. The 2006 revision involved extensive consultation with health professionals and clients who use the manual and incorporated artwork from local TAFE students in order to simplify the messages and language. The CNU was awarded funding for the HACC Nutrition Service in 2008 and the 2011 review was undertaken by the CNU, DHHS and HACC Tasmania.The 2015 revision of the manual was completed by Public Health Services (previously CNU).

The latest revision of Appetite for Life in 2020 was completed again by Public Health Services. This review involved a complete transition from a paper based manual to an online resource. This review incorporates feedback from users, including CHSP service providers, community nurses and other health professionals.

Copies of the research and background review is available upon request. To request a copy, for any another enquiries, or feedback regarding web publishing, please contact the CHSP Nutrition Service.