Giving children a healthy start sets them up for life!  Here you will find key information about eating and physical activity for raising healthy Tasmanian kids.

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Healthy Kids Resources

Start Them Right- A parent's guide to eating for under 5s
An easy read guide on how and what to feed your child from birth to five years.

The Being Active Matters booklet
Parent's guide to movement in the early years with practical and fun activity ideas.

Health on the Shelf
A selection of story books for children from Libraries Tasmania about food, culture and living well which you can borrow for free.

Healthy Kids Partners

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Latest News

  • Help my Child Only wants Milk 12 Apr 2019

    In baby’s first year, breast milk or infant formula is their main source of nutrition. Solid foods should not replace milk feeds too quickly. Once baby turns one if your baby has bottles of formula, you can start to reduce them. At this age, most babies will be able to manage foods eaten by the rest of the family. If you are breastfeeding, continue to breastfeed for as long as you and your baby wish. Breast milk changes to meet the growing needs of your child. It is natural to think about your child’s nutrition and how they are growing. From one year of age baby moves from a milk based eating pattern to one that mostly includes solid foods. If you are worried that your child is relying on milk for their nutrition read more

  • Being Dog Safe 08 Apr 2019

    School holidays are a good chance to get outside and enjoy your local parks and beaches. These places are also popular spots for people to take their dogs for exercise and play. Playing with dogs can be fun and while most dogs are friendly, dog bites do happen. Half of all dog bites occur in children under 10 years old.  Read about the four main tips to help teach your children to be safe around dogs without making them scared or anxious

  • You Hear "Eat Sweets Sometimes" - Three Things that Make this Possible 05 Apr 2019

    Do you feel sweets are everywhere from the supermarket checkout to birthday parties? Before you know, it is Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Sweets can have a place in a healthy relationship with food and eating. A parent’s role is to help their child find this place. We know restricting these foods too much can lead to them becoming more desirable. On the other hand, too many sweet foods are not good for our health and make it hard to fit in more nourishing foods. Read more

  • Baby Led Weaning Explained 19 Mar 2019

    Using Baby Led Weaning (BLW) as a method to introduce solid food to your baby has been around for over a decade. It gained popularity following the release of the first book on the topic in 2008. Firstly, what is BLW? It is a way of introducing solids that allows babies to self-feed. In its most true form only the baby puts food in his or her mouth. A baby who is able to do this is developmentally ready for solids. BLW is offering your baby food from your family meals cut up into finger sized foods. Read more

  • Eating Well for Pregnancy 06 Mar 2019

    Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy? Eating well during pregnancy is important for both you and your growing baby. But, did you know what you eat before becoming pregnant plays a role too. Read more

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