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  • What a Teacher can do to be Body Positive 03 Sep 2019

    Teenagers tell us body image is of one of their biggest concerns. Having positive body image means you respect your body whatever shape, size and colour it may be. Read more to find out the three things teachers (and parents) can do to nurture positive body image in the classroom.

  • Help Your Teen Say No to Smoking 01 Aug 2019

    How do you help your teen say no to smoking? Being smoke free is a lot easier if everyone around you is smoke free. While most young people don’t smoke, friends that do smoke may influence your teen’s choices. Your teenager may need some tips and tricks so that they don’t give in and regret their decision. Having a plan to stay smoke free will make it easier. Read more

  • Workplaces Have a Role in Breastfeeding 31 Jul 2019

    Does your workplace support breastfeeding? Time, space and support are crucial to support mums to keep breastfeeding when they return to work. Read more about support for breastfeeding in the workplace

  • Breastfeeding is Not Just Women's Business 31 Jul 2019

    They say it takes a village to raise a child and it’s true. Breastfeeding isn’t just women's business, it’s everyone's business. Learning to breastfeed takes time and parents need support. Fathers, partners, families, workplaces, early childhood education and care services and communities all have an important role in supporting breastfeeding. Read more about breastfeeding

  • How to Tell When your Baby is Ready to Feed 31 Jul 2019

    Sometimes it can be hard to know when and how much to feed your baby.  The good news is that most of the time your baby can help you. Healthy babies know how much they need to feed to grow the way that is right for them. The secret is to watch what they are telling you. Your baby will let you know when they want a feed, how much they want to feed and how fast they want to feed. Read more

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