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  • Help My Child does not Eat Vegetables 15 Feb 2019

    Do you worry that your child isn’t eating enough? Or doesn’t eat some foods? If so, you’re not alone. We know parents want to give their children the best start. It’s easy to get caught up in what your child is or isn’t eating. The long-term goal is for your child to have a healthy relationship with all food. Foods like vegetables have an important role in nourishing our bodies. But they are only one part of the variety of foods we eat for health. Read more

  • The Pasta Trap 18 Jan 2019

    Do you find yourself preparing a delicious dinner only to find out all your child wants to eat is a bowl of plain pasta? This is more common than you think and is actually OK. Kids are growing and often crave foods that will give them quick satisfying energy. They are less interested in eating than in doing stuff. In the long term, we want children to eat a variety of foods and have a healthy relationship with food and eating. So how do we get there and navigate the way through the “pasta phase”. Read more

  • How to be Active with your Family Everyday 15 Jan 2019

    The beginning of the school year is a great time to start new routines. With the warmer weather and longer days, it is easier for you and your family to get active. Getting into the habit of being active every day will make it simpler as the year progresses (and the weather gets colder!). Read more

  • Give the Gift of Enjoying Food this Festive Season 10 Dec 2018

    The festive season is filled with family, fun and food – yay, you say! As a parent, you’re not alone if all the party food on offer this time of year makes you feel just a little uneasy. Here are three tips to help your family have a positive relationship with food. Read more about the joy of eating

  • Keeping Cool While Pregnant 11 Dec 2018

    If you are pregnant it is important to take extra care in hot weather. During pregnancy body temperature can rise. This makes pregnant women uncomfortable in hot weather and could be harmful. As the weather starts to heat up, here are some tips to help guide you on how to cope on warmer days. Read more

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