Book time to read

Book time to read

Creating quiet places to sit and read helps learning and a love of books. It can be as simple as a large cushion in a corner and some library books or you can find spots to share books together in your local library, too.

Give your child a great start by talking, singing, playing and sharing simple books together.

Make this time enjoyable and don’t worry if your reading is not the best.

While digital e-books can be great way to access books when you don’t live near a library, many kids find it hard to stay focused on reading. They can get distracted and switch over to game apps or social media.

Tips for sharing books with your children:

  • use the pictures to tell a story
  • talk slowly, make sounds and use different voices to create fun and excitement
  • point to the pictures as well as the words
  • let children ask questions or guess what’s going to happen in the story
  • let children turn the pages
  • make it fun and an enjoyable time together
  • make some time every day.

Using storybooks, you can talk about:

  • colour and shape using different vegetables and fruits
  • togetherness and sharing through stories about eating as a family and with friends
  • difference by showing how each family and culture does not eat or do things the same way
  • who we are through understanding what we eat is about culture and history
  • how food is grown and prepared
  • looking after the world by looking at food waste and water use
  • movement through understanding what our bodies can do.

Reading a book can be a way of relaxing and taking timeout from your busy schedule. To find out more and for book suggestions follow the Health on the Shelf link in the featured resource section on the homepage of the Healthy Kids Toolkit