Tips for Looking after Teeth

Tips for Looking after Teeth

Tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases but it is preventable. Top tips for your family’s dental care:

  • make brushing a habit for the whole family
  • clean teeth and gums in the morning and before bed at night
  • for babies use a soft cloth at first using only cold water, for older babies use a soft tooth brush
  • at 18 of age months use a pea size amount of children's fluoride tooth paste (unless you are advised otherwise by a dental professional)
  • from six years of age use an adult toothpaste
  • after brushing, spit the toothpaste out, but don’t rinse.


  • plain tap water is the best drink for overall health
  • too many foods high in sugar like soft drinks, sweets, cakes and biscuits are not good for teeth – have them only sometimes


  • regular dental checks are important for everyone.

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