Help Your Teen Say No to Smoking

Help Your Teen Say No to Smoking

How do you help your teen say no to smoking? Being smoke free is a lot easier if everyone around you is smoke free.

While most young people don’t smoke, friends that do smoke may influence your teen’s choices. Your teenager may need some tips and tricks so that they don’t give in and regret their decision. Having a plan to stay smoke free will make it easier.

What tips can I share with my teen

Here are some practical tips you can talk to your teen about to help them stay smoke free:

  • Get them to tell you why it is better to be smoke free. If they ‘own’ their decision to be smoke free it will make it easier to confidently say no and why.
  • Help them practice saying "no" in a strong and confident tone. It may sound silly, but practising makes it easier to respond in a cool and collected way if someone offers them a cigarette.
  • Support friendships with friends who don’t smoke. That way they won’t be the only smoke free person when out with friends.
  • Help them to have and use an exit strategy. Have a plan in place for what will work for your teen if they are feeling pressured to do things they don’t want to whether it is smoking, alcohol or drugs or any risky behaviour. Some parents have a special message that their child sends them that means "I don’t feel okay, can you come and get me".
  • Make sure you praise and support your teen for being smoke free! It can be hard to say “no” to people and not listen to what they think, especially friends.
  • Let your teen know you are proud of them for making good choices about their health.

Where to get some more help

If you need help quitting yourself ask your GP or call Quitline 13 7848

For more information and resources to share with your teenager visit Smoke Free Generation