Kids Party Menu Planning

Kids Party Menu Planning

On the surface, planning a child's birthday party food seems like an easy task, but as many parents know, deciding what to offer can get tricky. Top planning tips:

  • Keep the menu simple.
  • Plan the party time around a meal or snack time and cater to this for example lunch style foods or morning tea foods.
  • Offer everyday foods familiar to children like fresh fruit and sandwiches.
  • Prepare food that is easy to pick up and eat. Messy food can make the clean-up a nightmare.
  • Consider any food allergies and intolerance's.
  • Don’t put all the food out at once to avoid food waste. Refill platters as needed.
  • Remember party activities like swimming or outdoor active games can make children hungrier.
  • Always offer water to drink.
  • If you are serving birthday cake, make this the main sweet item of the party.

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