Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Young children playing and smiling

Early childhood is a time when children learn to eat and have fun being active. Here you will find information on:

  • how and what to feed young children
  • active play ideas for under fives
  • looking after teeth
  • how you can help create healthy places and spaces in your community.

Food for under fives 

What children eat is important in helping them grow healthy and strong. How and when we feed children helps them learn about food and eating and develop healthy habits for life.

For more information Start Them Right a parent's guide to eating for under 5s - how and what to feed your child from birth to five years for parents and carers.

Start Them Right digital copy Start Them Right digital version

Healthy Mouth Healthy Body - about how to look after children's teeth.

For more resources about food and nutrition for under fives

Active play for under fives 

Young children need time and space to have fun being active every day.

The Being Active Matters booklet is a guide for movement in children’s early years, with practical and fun activity ideas.

As electronic devices like computers, tablets and phones become more common this our screen time advice

For more ideas on active play and physical activity for your family

Creating healthy places and spaces 

The places where children are cared for, learn and play can help children to eat well and be active. Make healthy choices a normal part of every day in your family and your community. These programs are helping:

Healthy messages:

Health on the Shelf - story books for children.

For health, community and early childhood services staff

For education resources (handouts, posters and display kits) and ways to create healthy places for families

Food Safety:

Move Well Eat Well Early Childhood program is a Tasmanian Government initiative that promotes physical activity and healthy eating as a normal, positive part of every day in early childhood services.

Family Food Patch program trains and supports volunteer peer educators, to promote eating well and being active for families and communities.

To create breastfeeding friendly spaces and places see Breastfeeding

Healthy Mouth Healthy Body - oral health resources.

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