Give Peace a Chance Exhibition

Give Peace a Chance Exhibition

In August 2019 an Exhibition “ Give Peace a Chance” will celebrate Launceston’s fifth ‘ Peace Festival ‘ scheduled for the Weekend 10 August.

The Exhibition will be hung from the 5 August until 6 September and focuses on the theme PEACE and in particular John Lennon‘s contribution during his lifetime to International peace in the 1960s and 1970s.

Several well known  local artists (Darren Meader, Robert Ikin, Ric Bennett, Jo Huchison and Clare Genders are just a few of those who will be contributing to the exhibition.  Live music provided by Spike Mason & Jono will resound throughout the ARTrium at the official opening on Friday  9 August from 6.30pm playing John Lennon compositions.

John Lennon taught us to stand up for what we believe in and dream big. He protested for peace, and many people listened. This is why John Lennon will be remembered as a peace activist. His legendary ideas will be remembered forever so please join us to celebrate PEACE in August 2019.

Paul A.C. Richards AM
Chair- LGH Visual Arts