The ARTrium Gallery

The ARTrium GalleryFirst came the ARTrium Gallery, and now the pop-up art wall within the gallery space! This past weekend the Historical Visual Arts Committee mounted their latest pop-up exhibition as a major project for established and emerging artists resident in Tasmania. The concept of an art gallery within a medical institution is not new. However, the ARTrium space allows for artists to showcase their work and for visitors and staff to absorb not only the 'LGH Collection' within the hospitals streets from Level 1-5 but in a magnificent gallery space in the new Northern Integrated Care Services building in Frankland Street.

The ARTrium Gallery was developed by the LGH Historical Committee and revived Visual Arts Committee as a gift for the Hospitals Sesquicentenary 1863-2013. The Gallery has been a major focal point for art exhibitions during the past eight months and will continue to have monthly exhibitions with all works for sale. The gallery was officially opened in May 2013 and featured a themed exhibition "From Colonial Tench to Launceston General Hospital" 24 local artists were featured in this exhibition with over 70 art works.

Exhibitions have included the work of Paul A.C. Richards, Jennifer Wilkinson, Darren Meader, Noel & Edward Broomhall, Liz Pinner, Edwina Powell, Catherine Shearing, Stephanie Kelly, Maria Husen, Sabrina Gibson and Edna Broad.

A protected area behind glass has also been developed for ceramic, sculptural and 3D works and has featured work from the UTAS School of Fine Furniture, ceramists Virginia Perkins and Robin Tanner.

The Atrium Gallery has four major spaces. The main gallery, a minor gallery, a pop up Gallery and a 3D gallery. Following each exhibition two to three works are chosen to be displayed in the major gallery space as representative of past exhibitions. All are for sale.