Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine has 30 medical beds with a seasonal increase up to a maximum of 60 beds.

The objective of the Department of Medicine is to provide a high standard of individualised care. With a multidisciplinary approach, each and every individual is assured of care unique to their needs. The service provided by highly experienced health professions, in conjunction with our Discharge Planner, we aim to ensure the transition from hospital into the home environment is made with relative ease.

Three Medical Teams comprising of 1 Specialist Physician, 1 Registrar and 1 Resident Medical Officer and 1 Level II Registered Nurse conduct daily patient ward rounds between 9:00am and 11:00am for the care and management of Department of Medicine patients.

Medical Team

Divisional Director Medicine

Nurse Unit Manager


3 General Medicine

1 General Medicine/Haematology

3 Registrars

3 Resident Medical Officers (Rotational)