Frequent Asked Questions

Why am I getting an invoice?

There are three possible invoices that you can receive from TasEquip.

  • Loan fee
    TasEquip operates a loan scheme and most invoices are the annual loan fee.  This loan fee applies to all clients who have TasEquip equipment. It is $50 for one or more pieces of equipment for up to a year.  Each year at the anniversary of your loan, if you still have equipment, you will receive another invoice.

    If you no longer need the equipment loaned to you please return it to TasEquip.
  • Repair fee
    Should expensive replacement parts be required for a complex piece of equipment that you have on loan from TasEquip (such as power wheelchairs, hoists and electric beds) TasEquip will invoice you a $50 repair fee towards those parts.  This fee can only be invoiced once a year and is a flat fee regardless of the cost of the replacement part.

    This invoice does not apply to all equipment.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call your local warehouse.
  • Tyres, Tubes and Batteries
    The replacement costs of tyres, tubes and batteries are the responsibility of the user.  If TasEquip arranges the replacement of them for you, TasEquip will pass on the purchase price of tyres, tubes and batteries to you. No labour costs are included.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card, on line, or take your invoice to any Australia Post or Service Tasmania outlet. TasEquip is no longer able to accept cash or cheques.

I have just received an invoice but I don’t need the equipment anymore?

It is strongly advised that when you no longer need your equipment, please return it to TasEquip as soon as possible.

If you return your equipment within 7 days of initially receiving it, we can cancel your invoice. However, if you have had it longer than 7 days, the loan fee applies.

If you have had the equipment for longer than a year, a new invoice for the next year is generated on the anniversary of the date when you first received the equipment.

It is advised that, if you no longer require your equipment, you return it prior to that date to avoid another invoice.

My questions relate to my CPAP machine, oxygen, crutches, nebuliser, medications or ambulance account.

TasEquip does not manage CPAP machines, oxygen nebulizers or suction units.  It is recommended that you contact the respiratory clinic at your regional hospital or the hospital that arranged the equipment for you.

Pharmacy and ambulance account enquiries can be addressed by the finance department on 6166 3865 and selecting the correct option at the prompt.

Crutches are no longer a loan item subject to a loan fee.  They are now a sale item from the hospital.  Please direct all crutches invoice enquiries to the hospital that issued you with the crutches.

I have returned equipment but am still getting an account?

This can occur in two possible instances:

  • You have several pieces of equipment on loan, and have returned some but not all of them

The $50 annual loan fee applies for one or more pieces of equipment.  You will continue to receive this invoice until all items of equipment are returned to TasEquip.

  • You have returned all of the equipment but the record is incomplete

TasEquip has recently changed computer systems and there has been some discrepancy in data.  TasEquip is correcting the discrepancies as they come to light but it may take some time.

Please contact the warehouse where you returned the equipment.  It is useful if you can identify the equipment you returned and the approximate date.  This will then be investigated and if appropriate the invoice cancelled.

I have equipment but the equipment listed on the invoice is not correct?

Having different items of equipment listed on your invoice has no impact on the loan amount.  The $50 loan fee is for one or more items of equipment for up to one year.  Regardless of what items are listed on the invoice as long as you have equipment, you are being invoiced the correct amount.  Please pay your invoice as per normal.

TasEquip has recently changed computer systems, and there has been some discrepancy in data. TasEquip is correcting the discrepancies as they come to light, but it may take some time.

I am now an NDIS Participant what happens to my equipment from TasEquip?

TasEquip is now only able to provide health related equipment and not disability related equipment for NDIS participants.

Contact the NDIS for all repair, replacement and modification to any disability related equipment, even if that equipment was originally sourced from TasEquip.

If you are under the age of 65 and have a disability it is essential that you contact the NDIS to determine your eligibility now.

You can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency, (NDIA) on 1800 800 110 or    They can provide advice about eligibility for the NDIS, how to access the scheme or answer any questions about an NDIS plan.

Please see the TasEquip /NDIS fact sheets on the main page of this website.

I don’t need the equipment any more.  Where do I return it?

When you no longer require the equipment, please clean and return it to any of the sites listed below.

If you are admitted to an Aged Care Facility please return the equipment.

NorthSouthNorth West
TasEquip warehouseTasEquip Warehouse 


  • Deloraine District Hospital
  • Beaconsfield District Health Service
  • Georgetown District Hospital

Community Health Centre:

  • Campbell Town Multi-Purpose Service
  • Flinders Island Multi-Purpose Service

Community Health Centres:

  • Sorell Community Health Centre
  • Huonville Community Health Centre


  • North West Regional Hospital, Burnie
  • Queenstown, West Coast District Hospital
  • Roseberry
  • Smithton

Community Health Centres:

  • King Island District Hospital
  • Zeehan Community Health Centre
  • Ulverstone, Central Coast Community Health Centre
  • Burnie Community Health Centre

Equipment can be returned by you or a member of your family or support team.  If however you have no ability to return equipment please contact your local warehouse to discuss other options.