The DAISY Award

Royal Hobart Hospital

The Daisy Award

What is a DAISY Award?

The DAISY Award was founded in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes. Patrick died, aged 33, following an 8-week hospitalisation with complications from Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura, an autoimmune disease. ‘During those weeks, we experienced the best of Nursing’, says Patrick’s father. Patrick’s family were particularly touched by the outstanding compassionate care they and Patrick received during this time. Following his death, they wanted to create something to say thank you to nurses everywhere. They created The DAISY Award, an award to honour nurses and midwives who provide outstanding compassionate careDAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. Today, the DAISY program runs in 27 countries and more than 4,300 health care facilities, with close to 125,000 nurses honoured and over 1.3 million nominations written.

The Tasmanian Health Service South launched the DAISY awards in April 2020. It is a monthly awards program with a new recipient each month.

The DAISY Awards now also run in the North and North West.

For more information please visit The DAISY Foundation website

How do I nominate a Tasmanian Health Service nurse or midwife for a DAISY Award?

If you have been the recipient of or witnessed extraordinary compassionate care by a Tasmanian Health Service nurse or midwife and would like to nominate her or him, please send an email telling us the full name of the nurse or midwife you are nominating, the unit/ward/area where they work, and why you think they deserve to be a DAISY Award honouree.

Please send email to:

THS – South

THS – North

THS – North-West

Congratulations to our DAISY Award Honourees






Peta Lodge

Sarah Stuber

General Medical Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital

Northern Cancer Services – Holman Clinic


Emma Watson

Minseong Kim

Midwifery Group Practice, Royal Hobart Hospital

Emergency Department, Launceston General Hospital


Leonie Moore

Tasma Talbot

Launceston General Hospital

Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital


Bebe Brown

Joanne Saunders

Hyperbaric Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital

John Morris Diabetes Centre, Launceston General Hospital


Catherine Page

Donna Atkins

Intensive Care Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital

Launceston General Hospital


Josie Okey

Diabetes Educator and Endocrine Nurse, Royal Hobart Hospital








Serani Dobson

Maternity Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital


Jenni Hawkins

Oncology Inpatients, Royal Hobart Hospital


Rosanne Jones

Special Care Nursery, Royal Hobart Hospital


Gary Cairns

Emergency Department, Royal Hobart Hospital


Suzanne Golden

Midwifery Group Practice, Royal Hobart Hospital


Teresa Howlett

Psychogeriatric Inpatient Unit, Roy Fagan Hospital


COVID Team Award

Janet Russell

Kellie Waycott

Tracy Geeves

Acute Medical Unit - Medicine, Launceston General Hospital

Women's and Children's Services - 4B (Birthing), Launceston General Hospital

Mersey Community Hospital

Medical Specialities, Royal Hobart Hospital


Carolyn Bodfish

Charlie Kim

General Medical Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital

George Town Hospital


Alana Fitzgibbon

Amy Barrett

Bobby Westcombe

Oncology Outpatients, Royal Hobart Hospital

Flinders Island Hospital

Critical Care, North West Regional Hospital