Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS)

PTAS Review: Public submissions - We invite your feedback

The Department of Health is seeking public submissions to inform the PTAS Review. Please fill in our survey.

About PTAS

The Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS) provides financial help with travel and/or accommodation costs to Tasmanian residents who need to travel:

  • more than 50 km (one way) to the nearest oncology or dialysis treatment centre
  • more than 75 km (one way) to the nearest appropriate specialist medical service
  • more than 75 km (one way) to access lymphoedema treatment

from their permanent residence. Benefits are only paid for interstate referrals when the treatment is unavailable in Tasmania.

Please note that rates for assistance and co-contribution may change from time to time. The last change occurred 1 July 2014, please see brochures for details.

More Information

PTAS Application Form

The new PTAS application form is streamlined to reduce and simplify the amount of information an applicant has to give us.

Download the PTAS Application Form (PTAS Application Form - Accessible Version) or obtain it from your local PTAS Office or Service Tasmania shop.

Application Form Submission Instructions

Submit applications by email, fax, post or deliver in person to your local PTAS office. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out and submit the PTAS application form online.

1. Email

a. complete the form by typing directly into the boxes provided

b. save the completed form with a new file name - Patient's first name_Patient's last name

c. choose the "Print Form" button to prepare a copy for your records

d. click the "Submit by Email" to send the completed form

2. Fax or post or submit the form in person

a. choose the "Print Form" button to print an application form

b. complete the form

c. fax or post or bring the completed form to your local PTAS office

Please fill in all applicable information in the application form correctly. Incomplete or inaccurate information will lead to delay in the process.