Consumer Participation

Royal Hobart Hospital

Consumer and Community Engagement Council

A consumer group was initially established within the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) in 1994 to give a voice to consumers in assisting to develop policies, reviewing procedures and identifying risks in the provision of health care.

In 2014 the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) established what is now known as the Consumer and Community Engagement Council (CCEC) to recognise the vital role that consumers play in developing policy and identifying risks in the provision of health care.

The role of CCEC is to :

  • provide advice on National Health standards and partnering with consumers
  • participate in the review of patient information, policy and clinical practice standards
  • review RHH safety, quality and performance data including patient feedback, patient experience and satisfaction surveys and make recommendations for improvement
  • provide a consumer perspective and advocacy on service development and the redevelopment of health service sites
  • facilitate consumer participation on issues affecting or impacting the delivery of services across THS-S
  • facilitate consumer participation on reference and advisory groups for research projects and quality improvement initiatives

The CCEC has worked in partnership with the THS – Southern Region, consumers and staff, to develop the Consumer and Community Engagement Framework which aims to provide guidance to staff to ensure staff effectively engage with consumers in all aspects of care, including planning, delivery and evaluation of health services.

The Framework aims to:

  • Describe governance that clearly outlines individual and health care service responsibilities for consumer and community engagement
  • Promotes consistency in the approach to consumer and community engagement across the organisation
  • Clarifies the meaning and intentions of partnering and/or engaging with consumers in healthcare
  • Ensures compliance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS)
  • Promote and support the Arts in Health Program, including regular performances provided by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to consumers of the RHH

Broadly, the THS - Southern Region CCEC aims to ensure that health consumers contribute to the development of health policy, planning, research and service delivery through the provision of education, advocacy, training, information services and community participation.

The principles that inform the work of the CCEC are those of confidentiality, consultation, social justice, anti-discrimination, access and equity and empowerment.

The CCEC is interested to hear from volunteers who would like to be involved in providing a consumer voice in the delivery of health services at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

More information about becoming a Consumer representative volunteer

THS- Southern Region CCEC Members Profiles

John Regan

John has worked for over 20 years in the health industry in both public and private facilities, and pre-retirement, John was in the role of Director of Human Resources Consulting for Southern Health in Victoria where he was responsible for a team of nine consultants who provided HR services to Managers across all sites; over forty in total including Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital, Kingston Centre and many community health services.

In 2014 John was elected as Chair of the CCEC - Southern Region and in this role John actively supports the engagement of consumers within the THS-Southern Region and continues to represent a variety of committees and forums seeking consumer representation and advocacy, this enables John to fill his ambition of "Delivering better experiences for patients and consumers."

Teresa Grabek

With her links to the wider community Teresa is particularly interested in improving the quality of services delivered to the persons from Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, as well as older members of the community.

Having been involved in (RHH) consumer groups since 2003, Teresa has been involved in the development of the RHH Interpreter Booking Service, has taken part in forums and participated on interview panels for the RHH.

Teresa gains great satisfaction from working closely with staff and of the THS – Southern Region to improve the experiences of consumers in their dealings with the RHH when accessing services.

Teresa is passionate in assisting in the review of health literature developed by THS – Southern Region including patient information brochures to ensure the literature is appropriately and clearly communicated to the community as a whole.

Jen Van-Achteren

Due to her work at the Hobart Women's Health Centre, Jen is an experienced advocate for women's health issues.

Additionally Jen is recognised for her contribution to the community as a member of the LGBTI.   Jen has a thorough appreciation of the issues faced by LGBTI adults and youth, and therefore Jen continues to build and strengthen communication links between health professionals to support a better understanding of consumer concerns and recommendations for women and LGBTI members accessing healthcare.

Fran Thompson

Fran previously worked in State and Commonwealth Programs within the Department of Health and Human Services, on the Aged Care Round, as a HACC Consultant for the state, Coordinator for Chronic Disease Self Management, and the Pathways Home Program which included several projects to assist older patients in their transition from hospital, back into their community.

Fran has volunteered on the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Policy Council and has been the Tasmanian representative on the COTA Australia Policy Council.  On the national policy agenda she has contributed in a wide range of policy issues including the Aged Care Reforms, Health Reform, COTA A's Statement on Climate Change and its impacts on older people and changes to My Age Care and the new Community Home Support Program.  Fran is the representative for older Tasmanians on the Consumer Engagement Committee for the THS - South.

Maureen Englefield

Maureen's career started in 1965 in the UK to qualify as a Nurse followed by Midwifery. Her career developed to include managing hospital and community Midwifery, Training  midwives, Neonatal Intensive Care.  Paediatrics  Gynaecology. Family Planning, and Child Protection. Community midwifery became her love as it enabled her to provide holistic care for the families she was responsible for. Maureen always believed that having a baby is a normal event for most families and therefore does not need medical intervention unless a problem was identified. She retired from the Health Service in  the UK In 1998.

Having her own two children provided first hand experience between hospital and home births. She loved providing a home birth for those who requested this choice. Giving women informed choices was an important focus for her.

Working in partnership with consumers of the services and all professionals has always been an important aspect for her to enable development of a user friendly service.

Since 2001, Maureen now lives in Tasmania and welcomes the opportunity to share her experience where needed.

Val Manuelpillai

Val is a CPA qualified Finance Manager and a hands-on professional, adept at enabling decision making at senior management level and in advising and implementing process improvement strategies. He has worked for Telstra for over 20 years including the Telstra Customer Service area. He has a keen interest in giving back to the community and has volunteered his time to charitable organisations. He has recently moved from Melbourne to settle down in Hobart. He is keen to provide a consumer perspective and use his experience to assist in building a consumer focused patient care in the THS-Southern Region.

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