Our Mission, Values, Strategic Directions

Royal Hobart Hospital

THS-South - Our Mission, Values, Strategic Directions

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“Outstanding Care with Compassion Every Time” 

Our Values

  • Caring
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Person and family centred care

Our Strategic Directions 2019 - 2020

Patient Care

Develop a framework for improved patient experience

1. The community advisory group provides advise on authentic consumer engagement and patient centred-care.

2. Consumer membership is included in key committees.

3. Consumer feedback informs change processes.

Work with our community to have consumer-centred care models

1. The model of care for K Block services.

2. Codesign projects across all streams ensures improved design and delivery of services.

3. THS-S will lead clinical networks across the state.


Have a workforce strategy that responds to current and future challenges

1. Workforce analysis across professional streams informs strategic planning and services.

2. Succession plans are in place.

3. Development of workforce models in line with K Block and post K Block.

4. Workplans for all units are developed and strategies implemented.

Work with all staff to grow engagement, recognition and skill development

1. INSYNC staff satisfaction survey results are used to inform action planning.

2. Accreditation for Pathways to Excellence will be achieved.


Demonstrate Financial accountability at all levels

1.  All stream budgets align with ABE across the South.

2. There is a clear financial direction with targets for all streams.

3. Service delivery analysis to meet financial targets.

Continue to focus on improved patient flow strategies

1. All streams have streamflow improvement strategies in place across THS-South.

2. All executives lead a whole of organisation flow strategy, into, out of and beyond the hospital.

3. Implementation of internal and external reviews across the South.


Develop a decision making accountability framework

1. Continue to develop accountability structures across South feeding to the THS/DoH.

2. Work with all Directors on accountability parameters.

3. The whole of THS South Leadership support.

Have a strong governance framework

1. The organisation is well prepared for SNAP accreditation.

2. Evaluation and review of governance structure.

Patient Safety

Have improved feedback & communication

1. There is a robust complaints management process for the South.

2. Analysis and review currently complaints for patterns and potential strategies for improvement.

  • Understand patient needs
  • Improve systems and procedures
  • Protect and enhance our reputation

Prevent harm to patients and have a culture of safety

1.  Work with approved provider on developing a program for creating a culture of safety across the South.

2. Lead a number of strategies across the South to improve HAC targets in all areas.

3. Assign clinical leads for all HACs.

4. Develop a clear reporting structure and data analysis.

Innovation and Research

Engage in clinical redesign for an improved patient journey

1. Develop a framework for clinical redesign.

2. Have a program of co-design projects to improve service delivery, at stream and whole of organisation levels.

Embed a culture of research

1. Further develop partnerships with the University sector across clinical craft groups.

2. Annual Research Week will promote and celebrate research projects across all disciplines.

3. Processes will support research.