RHH Volunteer Service

Royal Hobart Hospital

The Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Volunteer Service

The Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) Volunteer Service was formed out of a tragic event that occurred in February 1967, namely “Black Tuesday.  ”  Bushfires swept throughout Southern Tasmania creating emotional devastation for so many and as a result an influx of people arrived to the hospital to offer their support in any form possible.

The RHH Volunteer Service is now over 50 years of age and continues to function at a high level making it a valued and respected community service supporting patients, families and staff within the hospital.

There are over 110 dedicated volunteers delivering 30 individual services, amounting to over 20,000 hours of volunteer support to benefit the hospital and the people of Tasmania which reflects the generous spirit of the Tasmanian community.

Volunteers speak of their desire to offer their time for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to give something back after a personal experience at the hospital, or embracing the opportunity to be able to help others as best they can.

RHH Volunteers undertake a comprehensive training program to assist them to grow in their knowledge of the hospital environment and therefore gain confidence to work efficiently and effectively in a variety of roles, such as:

  • Pharmacy Courier Service: Volunteers provide a hospital wide pharmaceutical courier service to benefit patients and staff as medications and scripts arrive to the required area in a timely manner.
  • Hospital Guide:This service is provided to help consumers and visitors to navigate their way through unfamiliar surroundings with a volunteer by their side and helps people to arrive to their respective area without feeling anxious from being lost or confused in such a large and busy environment.
  • Refreshment Service: Volunteers provide light refreshments and social support to consumers who are waiting to attend appointments at the RHH Wellington Centre.
  • Emergency Department Support - This role is undertaken to support consumers from the first moment they arrive to the ED by providing a warm greeting, explaining the triage process and directing the consumer to their allocated waiting bay.

If you are interested in joining the RHH Volunteer Service or would just like some more information on this program, please contact the RHH Volunteer Service on 6166 8659 or email rhhvolservice@ths.tas.gov.au