Safety & Quality

Royal Hobart Hospital

Safe and compassionate care is the foundation of all services at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Ways we achieve this include:

  • Participating in the hospital accreditation processes of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.
  • Connecting with the community and listening to commendations and suggestions.
  • Measuring the care provided and comparing this information to other like hospitals around Australia.
  • Learning from when things do go wrong and making changes.
  • Making sure that all staff members have the skills and qualifications needed to perform their job through looking at evidence of qualifications, regular review and by having appropriate processes for appointing staff and developing their skills.
  • Actively participating in research to provide the most up-to-date care available.
  • Supporting 'ongoing' learning.

The Royal Hobart Hospital provides staff and an appropriate structure for the community and the hospital to work together continuously to improve our service.

Rights and Responsibilities

Australian Health Ministers endorsed the original Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in 2008 and the second version released in 2019 for its use as the pre-eminent healthcare charter for Australia.

The Royal Hobart Hospital supports the promotion and use of this important charter through a variety of mechanisms including the prominent display of the charter across the hospital, the underpinning of our own complaint/feedback protocols and rights and responsibilities documents with the principles of the charter, and the use of the terminology in the development of all patient information/brochures

The charter, and other documents for health consumers, can be sourced from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care website.