Falls prevention for those at high risk of falls


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Walk Tall

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Regularly Check Your Eyesight

Eat Well for Life

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Falls prevention for those at high risk of falls

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Yes,you can reduce your risk of falling

Staying mobile and independent is an important part of healthy ageing. Falls and their associated injuries are a serious health issue and are the leading cause of injury hospitalisation for older people. The good news is that taking some simple and effective steps outlined in this booklet can prevent most falls and the injuries they incur.

Falls are not a normal part of ageing

Many people may not see falls as an important issue because they feel it is just a ‘sign of getting older’ and that it is inevitable. Those who see falls as an ‘expected’ part of ageing may not realise that just like any other potential injury, there are things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of a fall. Understanding that falls can happen to anyone, whatever their age, helps everyone to take falls seriously and to find ways to prevent falls.

Falls prevention is about realising that you can influence your own mobility and independence. Being active and independent is extremely important when it comes to enjoying your life and contributing to your community. Many people believe that tripping,
slipping or ‘not being careful’ causes falls. But the fact is that most falls are caused by personal issues – something to do with a person’s lifestyle, physical or mental state – or by interaction between one or more of these factors and an environmental hazard.

Nine Steps to Stay On Your Feet®

This booklet provides information and suggestions in nine key steps. These are the Nine Steps to Stay On Your Feet®, and they reflect the main factors that contribute to falls. You need to review all the steps to Stay On Your Feet® – but focus on those parts that relate to you, your lifestyle, independence and environment. Take positive steps to stay mobile and independent. Don’t put off
considering your risk of falling until you have had an injury or scare. Do it today and you can prevent falls before they happen.