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With an increase of purchasing services from the community sector, there is the need to ensure organisations manage their funding well and provide good quality services.

There is an increasing focus on measuring the outcomes clients achieve rather than focus on the number of clients that receive a service.

The DHHS has developed a Funded Community Sector Outcomes Purchasing Framework to ensure monitoring of funded services and measurement of outcomes takes place in a consistent way.

This involves developing a Commissioning for Outcomes Statement including:

  • Population outcomes
  • Program outcomes
  • Theory of change
  • Outcome indicators
  • Funding Agreement Performance Indicators

Housing Tasmania has a staged process of developing Commissioning for Outcomes Statements in partnership with funded community services. This becomes part of the funding arrangements and a basis for reporting on performance.

In 2018, Housing Tasmania will start to publicly release annual Public Report Cards for the housing and homelessness service system.

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