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Consent and information sharing in the Housing Connect system

What is Housing Connect?

Housing Connect is where people go for housing assistance and support.  It provides one assessment for everything from emergency accommodation to a long term home.  Housing Connect services help low income and vulnerable Tasmanians to find or keep appropriate and affordable housing.

The Housing Connect System is made up of  services working together to help Tasmanians in need. There are three types of services:

  • Front Door services
  • Housing Support services
  • Crisis and Transitional Accommodation services.

For more information about the organisations that provide Housing Connect services and the assistance provided, see the Who provides Housing Connect services webpage (link).

Consent and information sharing

As depicted in the diagram below, when you access Housing Connect, all of your personal information is stored on your Client Record, which is only accessed by Housing Connect services.  Housing Connect services only share your personal information with your consent (or if required by law), and for a specific purpose.

This is a picture that describes consent and information sharing in the Housing Connect system. It outlines that a client has one client record for Housing Connect services and the type of information that is recorded. More information can be found in the Fact Sheet Consent and Information Sharing in the Housing Connect System found in the Resources section on this page.

How do we store your information?

Your personal information is kept on your Housing Connect Client Record which is stored on the Specialist Homelessness Information Platform, referred to as SHIP. Your information is collected, managed and stored in accordance with relevant privacy laws.

SHIP is a secure, online client management system. Your information is only accessed by authorised Housing Connect service providers. All activity in SHIP is logged, monitored and audited by Housing Connect services to ensure only workers directly involved in assisting you access your file.

When you contact Housing Connect a single Client Record is created.  This helps us give you coordinated assistance and saves you repeating your details when you access other Housing Connect services.

Your Housing Connect Client Record includes all personal information you provide to Housing Connect.

How do we use your information?

Housing Connect uses your personal information to determine your housing and support needs and to provide you with services to assist you.

Some non-identifying information is used for statistical and research purposes.  We are also required to provide non-identifying information to the funding/contracting body for the service you are accessing.