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Housing Connect - Your new way to connect to housing and support

What assistance does Housing Connect provide?

Front Door services

Front Door services provide the first point of contact for Tasmanians requiring housing and housing related support. They provide immediate assistance, assessment and referral for people who need help with housing or who are homeless.

Front Door staff identify and prioritise peoples’ housing needs and provide information about their housing options and choices.

Front Door staff connect eligible Tasmanians to appropriate housing assistance and services, including:

  • Private rental assistance
  • Social housing
  • Supported accommodation
  • Crisis and Transitional Accommodation
  • Material assistance
  • After-hours assistance
  • Housing Support services.

Front Door services connect people to the service they need. They do not directly house people.

Housing Support services

Housing Support services provide support to Tasmanians who need more intensive help to access or maintain housing. Sometimes, this might involve connecting people with other specialist services. Housing Support is available for as long as needed, regardless of whether the person moves house.

Housing Support services are only accessed via referral from a Housing Connect Front Door service.

Crisis and Transitional Accommodation services

Crisis and Transitional Accommodation services provide emergency accommodation to Tasmanians who are in housing crisis (homeless or at high risk of homelessness).

Crisis and Transitional Accommodation services can be accessed directly or via referral from a Front Door service.

Crisis and Transitional Accommodation services provide short term accommodation, support and assistance to address a person’s immediate needs. They work with Housing Support services to help people find safe, longer term accommodation that suits their needs.