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Tasmanian Affordable Housing Strategy

The Tasmanian Government has released Tasmania's Affordable Housing Strategy 2015‑2025.  This Strategy will guide Government over the next ten years to improve housing affordability and help those most vulnerable to housing stress and homelessness.

The Affordable Housing Strategy aims to decrease the proportion of low income Tasmanian households experiencing housing stress and to reduce the proportion of Tasmanians experiencing homelessness.

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Three Strikes

Housing Tasmania has introduced a new three strikes approach for behaviour in Housing Tasmania properties. The three strikes approach aims to encourage good behaviour.

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Housing Management System

Housing Tasmania is developing a new Housing Management System (HMS). It will deliver new ways of using information to better support our clients and business.

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Major capital projects

Housing Tasmania's capital investment program is providing more affordable housing for vulnerable Tasmanians while stimulating economic activity. A total of $43.9 million has been allocated for 2014-15 to deliver 287 new dwellings and seven residential lots.

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HomeShare relaunch

The Tasmanian Government HomeShare initiative has been relaunched. The revamped scheme allows more Tasmanians to turn their dream of home ownership into a reality.

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Tenancy Guarantee Pilot

A Tenancy Guarantee Pilot is being trialled by Housing Connect. It offers tenancy guarantees to landlords to improve access for tenants to the private rental market.

The pilot program will provide a tenancy guarantee of $1,500. It will also offer bond assistance. That will help vulnerable households having difficulties securing private rental accommodation, even though their income is sufficient to cover the rent.

Housing Assessment Prioritisation System

Housing Tasmania is introducing a new housing assessment and prioritisation system to ensure that Tasmanians with the greatest housing need are housed first.

This new system will begin on Monday 15 June 2015.

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Reducing the debt

The State Government is working with the Australian Government on a longer repayment term for the housing debt owed under the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA).

The total debt outstanding under the CSHA for Tasmania is $195.7 million. By extending the repayment term, up to $8 million per year could be freed up for capital funding for new affordable housing and crisis accommodation.