Youth at Risk Response Centre - Under 16 Youth Questions and Answers

24 January 2018 Update





Is the service provider required to pay rent on the property?

No – refer Clause 3 of Community Tenancy Lease.


Will the successful proponent be required to fit out and furnish the facility and will separate set up funding be provided for this? Or is that expected within the nominated funding?

The successful proponent will not be required to fit out and furnish the property. Housing Tasmania will fit out and furnish the Response Centre to a reasonable level of operability. This will include furniture, furnishings, white goods, blinds and linen but does not include consumables or administrative supplies such as computers, office requisites. Ongoing provision of consumable and maintainable items (eg linen, mattresses) will be the responsibility of the successful respondent.

There is a small amount of additional set-up funding available. This will be negotiated with the successful respondent.


Can the successful proponent increase funding on top of grant funding by subleasing downstairs spaces for use by external support services?

Yes.  Refer Clause 2.1.12 of the Specification.


Are the bedroom doors alarmed?

No, the bedroom doors are not alarmed, however the security system can be modified to provide this functionality if required. This would need to be negotiated with the successful respondent.


Which areas are monitored by CCTV system?

Broadly, all common areas are covered by CCTV. There is one camera located on the ground floor covering the reception area. There are five cameras on the first floor covering the common areas, passages and stairwells.


Does the RFP allow for proponents to provide more than one budget to provide detail on model additions for consideration by the selection panel?

Yes.  Refer Section 9 of the Important Information for Respondents in the RFP.


Please confirm location of IT network outlets in the facility?

There are four wireless access points located in the building (one on the ground floor and three on the first floor). Electrical plans are available on request.


Please confirm where hand delivered hard copies would be received - at Lv 5, 22 Elizabeth St?  Is the tender box located on Lv 5 or at ground floor reception?

Refer to the Cover Page (Page 1) of the RFP LODGEMENT OF PROPOSALS

Hand delivered hard copies (including supporting documentation) should be addressed to the Contact Officer, Level 5/22 Elizabeth Street, Hobart and received prior to the closing time. Please note that Level 5 Reception is currently located on Level 1/22 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.


There is a problem with questions 21 and 22 in the RFP - only one radio button can be selected for each (and there are a series of yes/no responses required for these two questions).

Will a revised form be provided?

Yes. This has been rectified and a replacement form uploaded.


Will the successful applicant be expected to cover costs associated with Aurora?

Yes. Please refer to clause 4.2 of the Community Tenancy Lease.


Is it a requirement for applicants to use the Outcomes Star ™for homelessness, or is this just an example. Will applicants able to propose alternative outcome measurement tools?

Yes. There is a requirement to use Outcomes Star. If the successful respondent is not an existing Outcomes Star user, associated costs (which include licences and training) may be subject to negotiation. However, for the purpose of this RFP, costs should be factored into proposals.

For an indication of costs please visit the Outcomes Star website


It appears in the application form that Q18 and 19 are missing (page 6 and 7 of the template). Could I just confirm that this was a numbering error and that there are no actual questions missing?

There are no questions missing. This is a number sequencing error.

Page 20 2.1.10 - Laundry service. Could we confirm that the weekly laundry services mentioned here needs to be included in the budget and is not paid for separately by DHHS? Additionally could we confirm that cleaning costs will need to be included as a budget item?

The weekly laundry service is the responsibility of the successful respondent and should be included in the budget.

Cleaning costs should also be included.


Page 21 of RFGP  2.1.12 Support Coordination Services gives examples of various uses of the downstairs space and is explicit about it not being a drop-in centre. It does appear to support use of facility by other services, but we were wondering if you could clarify if this space is for the exclusive use of residents and families, or if other young people could access services from this space?

The support coordination function should support the delivery of crisis accommodation services at the Response Centre.

Use of the space by non-residents may be permitted if the function is related to the delivery of crisis accommodation services.


Clause 16 of the Request for Grant Proposal implies there is no binding agreement until the Grant Deed is signed. Can you please confirm whether the successful respondent can negotiate the Grant Deed and Lease?

The Grant Deed and the Lease form part of the Conditions of Proposal, Funding Agreement and Specifications (refer Section 8 -page 8 - of RFGP Part One and Two). If the Respondent intends to negotiate the Grant Deed and Lease, a statement should be included in their proposal specifying the condition or requirement with which they do not agree or comply and indicate whether the offer: partially complies; does not comply or is an alternative.

16Could you please advise if there are any notes or minutes available from community consultations with the local community in relation to this project

There are no formal notes or minutes available from community consultations.

Refer 2.1.15 (p22) of the RFP.