Reform Agenda for Alcohol and Drug Services in Tasmania

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Reform Agenda for Alcohol and Drug Services in Tasmania

The Reform Agenda for Alcohol and Drug Services (Reform Agenda) is being developed to ensure that all Tasmanians affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use have timely access to a seamless and integrated service system.

To inform the development of the Reform Agenda, the Department of Health (DoH) engaged the services of Siggins Miller Consultants to undertake an independent analysis of the current service system. View the Siggins Miller Final Report.

It is estimated that in any one year, at least 61,321 episodes or sessions for alcohol and other drugs use are delivered in Tasmania by a range of service providers.  This includes across government, non-government, and the private sector in a range of settings such as public and private hospitals, by general practitioners, in pharmacies, and by government and non-government specialised AOD services.

The proposed reform directions were developed in consideration of the main challenges identified through the work of Siggins Miller, by Primary Health Tasmania and as identified by both clients/consumers and service providers.  That work highlighted that the current system providing services for people with AOD use issues has become difficult to navigate, confusing  (for clients/consumers and providers) and disjointed.

An Advisory Group has been convened by the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Directorate (Directorate) to provide advice in development of the Reform Agenda.  It includes representatives from DoH, the Tasmanian Health Service (THS), Primary Health Tasmania (PHT), the Alcohol Tobacco and other Drugs Council (ATDC), private providers and clients/consumers.

A panel of expert advisors has also been engaged to provide clinical and technical advice.

Consultation Process

  • The Consultation Draft was released on 3 September 2018
  • Consultation has now closed, but you can still access the Consultation Draft (Accessible Version) (Printable Version)
  • Targeted consultations with a range of key stakeholders including with clients/consumers occurred throughout October and November
  • Many people and organisations took the time to complete the online survey, and a large number of written submissions was also received
  • The Directorate and Advisory Group thank the many individuals and organisations who gave freely of their time to consider the Consultation Draft and provide either a written response or arrange a consultation meeting
  • You can still contact Sylvia Engels at the Directorate on 61660771 or email if you wish to raise any specific matters

Next steps

The Directorate and the Drafting Working Group acknowledge and thank the many clients/consumers, individual clinicians and workers, service providers and organisations that provided input through the consultation processes. That feedback together with the advice of the panel of expert advisors has informed the final draft of the Reform Agenda.  The attached Communique provides more information as well as next steps.