Agreement for Delivery of Services to People with Mental Illness

The Tasmanian Health Service (formerly Tasmanian Health Organisations), via Mental Health Services, Forensic Mental Health Services and Emergency Departments; Ambulance Tasmania; and Tasmania Police are often required to provide services to the same individuals affected by mental illness.

This includes - but is not limited to - people with a known or suspected mental illness who are escorted or transported to or from an approved facility or between approved facilities under the Mental Health Act 2013, Criminal Justice (Mental Impairment) Act 1999 or other legislation.

A shared understanding about the roles, responsibilities and priorities of the Tasmanian Health Service (formerly Tasmanian Health Organisations), Ambulance Tasmania, and Tasmania Police in responding to situations involving people with mental illness is critical to ensure the best community and consumer outcomes, and the most efficient and effective use of resources.

This Memorandum is the result of considerable discussion and collaboration between each of the parties, and represents a strong commitment by all parties to work together to ensure safe outcomes for patients, their families and support persons, police officers, paramedics and health workers, as well as for the broader Tasmanian community.

Download the Memorandum of Understanding for the Delivery of Services to People with Mental Illness:
A Memorandum of Understanding between Tasmanian Health Organisations, Ambulance Tasmania and Tasmania Police