History of the Bill's Development

The development of the Mental Health Bill was a highly consultative process.  In total, there were nearly six months of public consultation around the current Mental Health Act and proposed new legislation.  This approach resulted in valuable and constructive feedback, demonstrating support for the overall focus of the new legislation, and a real interest and commitment to getting the new Act right.

The Bill was developed with the assistance of both a Drafting Committee comprised of representatives from the Departments of Health and Human Services and Justice, and the President of the Mental Health Tribunal; and an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from the Department of Police and Emergency Management, Statewide and Mental Health Services, and organisations including Advocacy Tasmania Inc., the Mental Health Council of Tasmania and Official Visitors.

Other key stakeholders were also involved - these included Ambulance Tasmania, Departments of Emergency Medicine, the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and the Royal Australian College of Psychiatrists.

Resources used in the development of the Mental Health Act 2013.

A review of the Mental Health Act 1996 commenced in 2006 and was completed in 2008. A Discussion Paper and Issues Paper were published following the review of the Act.