Links and Contacts

Mental Health Families and Friends Tasmania:

Mental Health Families and Friends Tasmania (MHFFTas) is a statewide leader in the provision of support for families and friends of someone living with mental ill health. MHFFTas aims to improve the quality of life for the one in five Tasmanian families, friends, carers and people living with mental health issues and mental illness.
Phone: (03) 6228 7448

Flourish Tasmania:

Flourish Mental Health Action in Our Hands Inc. is an independent Tasmanian not-for-profit organisation established to provide a strong voice for the state’s mental health consumers. Flourish does not deliver individual services. It works with consumers, government, service providers and families to ensure that the delivery of mental health services is a quality process that meets the needs and expectations of all consumers.
Phone: (03) 6223 1952

Advocacy Tasmania:

This service is for consumers and carers. Advocates can assist people to exercise their rights and responsibilities. For more information visit the Advocacy Tasmania website
Hobart - 1800 005 131
Devonport - (03) 6441 0201
Launceston - (03) 6331 0740

The Legal Aid Commission:

Legal Aid can provide lawyers to represent the rights of individuals with mental health issues, especially in cases where they may be detained and/or medically treated against their will.
Phone: 1300 366 611

The Mental Health Tribunal:

The Mental Health Tribunal is an independent body established to protect the rights of people placed on involuntary orders for mental illness. It provides an independent review, and makes decisions about whether the involuntary order will continue or not. The Tribunal plays no role in relation to persons who voluntarily seek treatment for a mental illness.

Official Visitors:

Mental Health Official Visitors are members of the community who are appointed to visit approved hospitals and the secure mental health unit, the Wilfred Lopes Centre, to check on the way in which people with mental illness are being treated. They also investigate complaints made to them by people receiving care and treatment in these facilities for mental illness.
Phone: 1800 001 170

Carers Tasmania:

Carers provide care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness or who are frail and aged. For more information visit the Carers Tasmania website
Phone: 1800 242 636