Inpatient and Extended Treatment Mental Health Services

Adult Mental Health Services brochure

Statewide Mental Health Services assist adults aged up to 65 years of age who have a serious mental illness or disorder and need 24 hour care in inpatient and extended treatment facilities.

Specialist services range from medical, nursing and allied health assessment and treatment in acute inpatient units to a long-term support and treatment focus in community-based facilities.

Inpatient Services managed by Mental Health Services:

The Safewards program is being implemented in 2017 in our specialist inpatient facilities. Safewards encourages staff and consumers to work together to make the inpatient unit safer for everyone. Safer means a calmer and more positive place.

Extended Treatment Services including step up/step down and residential rehabilitation located in the south of the state and accepting statewide admissions:

Admission to Inpatient and Extended Treatment Mental Health Services is via our adult community mental health teams and hospitals.  Please contact the Mental Health Services Helpline for more information on 1800 332 388.

Older Persons inpatient services are provided at the Roy Fagan Centre.