Tolosa Street - Adult Mental Health Service

Download printable booklet Tolosa Street - what you might ask (guide to our service)

Tolosa Street is a 12-bed service within Statewide Mental Health Services (SMHS) that provides short-term specialised care. Our service is provided in a community setting in Southern Tasmania.

Our address 108 Tolosa Street, Glenorchy TAS 7010

Contact phone number  03 6166 0966

This information is from our consumer booklet "what you might ask about Tolosa Street" and aims to provide answers to any questions you may have about the service at Tolosa Street.

Welcome to Tolosa Street

Our aim at Tolosa Street is to provide a safe, positive and supporting place to meet your needs as your move from or back to community living.

Tolosa Street community has two primary areas set up to provide care, these are six Rehabilitation places and six Community/ Step-Up places.

Moving from the community or moving from an acute mental health unit to Tolosa St provides short term specialised care and support.

Our programs assist people to build independent living skills in a supportive and safe ‘live in’ environment with a focus on recovery.

We look forward to supporting and working with you to achieve your goals in your transition to living in the community.

The Tolosa Street Team

Access to service 

To access our service you need to be engaged with a community mental health team and admission is organised by your Psychiatrist, Case Manager or the Mental Health Inpatient Unit.

If you are not engaged with a Community Mental Health Service, you can seek a referral through your GP to the Mental Health Services Helpline or call the Helpline on 1800 332 388.

Your care and support

We value your role in improving your mental health and wellbeing, talk to us about your care.

Your care

During your stay you will be working with a multi-disciplinary team that includes mental health nurses, psychiatrist, occupational therapist and residential support workers.

Your care team will work with you, your family and friends to make decisions and plan your care, supporting your recovery and self-management.

You may also be linked with other organisations which include the NDIS, MyCare, Baptcare and Richmond Fellowships Inc.

We welcome family and friends to join you in the morning meetings and group sessions with the Occupational Therapist and staff addressing health and wellbeing issues.

Tolosa Street recognises that you may have needs specific to your identity or community, please talk to your care team about your needs.


While at Tolosa Street you should utilise your own medications with the support of nursing staff.

Ask one of the team if you have any questions regarding your medication while at Tolosa Street. They may refer you to your GP or treating Psychiatrist.

Support for you

Your care team will develop a support and care plan with you. This will help you to identify your interests and strengths to guide your care towards recovery.

We focus on giving you the time, opportunity and education to enhance skills to support independent living.

We can link you with a number of activities in the community.

These activities aim to assist in your recovery and build social community connections.

Service areas on site

The Tolosa Street service has three separate areas. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom and access to communal laundry.

Zone A - Step Up:

  • Six (6) bedrooms with ensuite
  • Kitchen, dining, computer room, quiet room, lounge room and laundry
  • Enclosed veranda and access to grounds and gardens.

Zone B - Main Office:

  • Administration area for Tolosa Street
  • Please hand your key to the office staff when leaving the Tolosa site

Zone C - Rehabilitation:

  • Six (6) individual units each with ensuite and kitchenette that contain a microwave, fridge/ freezer, kettle and toaster
  • Communal full kitchen and TV room plus games area
  • As part of your stay you will meet weekly with your residential support worker/ Occupational Therapist (OT) and staff to share your input into the menus for evening meals.

Meal times

Help yourself to breakfast and lunch in the communal kitchen area any time of the day. Dinner is provided by the residential support worker on the day and you are welcome to help prepare the meal.

  • Breakfast - all day, your choice
  • Lunch - all day, your choice
  • Dinner - 5.00 pm

There is fresh fruit available in both units along with information about healthy eating.

Zone A: You are welcome to store items in the fridge in the main kitchen, write your name and the date on each of your items.

Smoking and banned items

Smoking is not permitted in any buildings or within three (3) metres from a doorway at Tolosa Street.

We support your decision to either quit or reduce your smoking while you are at Tolosa Street. Talk with a nurse or doctor to find out about nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

Alcohol and illegal drugs are banned from the site. If you are having co-existing difficulties with substance use please talk with your care team.

Feedback on your care

Talk with the team

You, your family members or support person are welcome to talk to the team and give us feedback to support your recovery and care.

There are several ways to provide feedback:

  • Speak directly with one of the team to discuss how you are feeling and talk through any issues or concerns
  • Participate in the weekly client meetings that are held in the Rehab common room
  • Provide suggestions, compliments or complaints.

Feedback can be directed to one of the team by speaking with them confidentially or in writing using the feedback form. There are feedback boxes provided (hallway Zone A and common area near front door Zone C).

For more details go to the We Welcome Your Feedback page.

Or you can download a printable feedback form "Have Your Say"

Visitors and Leave


Visitors can arrange a visit by first phoning 03 6166 0966. We ask that they come to the office (Zone B) and let the staff know when they arrive and when they leave the site.

Visitors must sign the Visitor’s Book which is also located just in the front door of the office.

Visiting hours at Tolosa are flexible, noting they finish at 7.00 pm each day.

Please note there is limited visitor parking available on site.

Leave from Tolosa Street

Day leave

You will need to let staff know when you are going out and when you have returned.

Please hand in your key to staff at Zone B (middle building) before you leave Tolosa Street.

Be aware that there is a fee if your key is lost.

Overnight or extended leave

Any overnight or extended leave from Tolosa Street will be discussed and agreed with your care team.

Note that the Tolosa Street front gate is shut at 11.00 pm.

Public Transport

The local bus service is Metro Tasmania route 503.

Bus stop is outside the front gate on Tolosa Street. This service goes to and from Hobart.

For other services, the 503 bus stops at the Glenorchy Bus Mall, which is on Tolosa Street near Main Road, opposite the Northgate shopping centre.

Your Healthcare Rights

As a person receiving care and support from Adult Mental Health Services, you have the right to:

  • Receive safe and high quality health services, provided with professional care, skill and competence.
  • Be treated with respect to you and your culture, beliefs and values.
  • Discuss options for your care in a way you understand and have new or unfamiliar terms explained to you.
  • Have your personal health information protected and treated appropriately.
  • Raise any issues with the Adult Mental Health Service without any concern that it will affect your care.

Our services comply with  the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

There are Posters on display at Tolosa Street, and the full Charter statements (A4) handout for your information.

Please talk to one of the team if you have any questions.

The Mental Health Act

Tasmania's Mental Health Act 2013 is a substitute decision making framework for people with mental illness who, because of their illness, cannot make their own assessment and treatment decisions but who need treatment to prevent harm to their own health or safety, or to the safety of others.

The Act provides for an independent Mental Health Tribunal and for the appointment of Official Visitors.

A range of fact sheets are available to help you understand the Act and how it may apply to you.

Please ask if you would like a copy of the fact sheets, or go to Mental Health Act - Information for Consumers, Carers and the Community Sector for links to the Fact Sheets.

If you would like someone to explain the fact sheets to you please ask one of the team.

The Public Trustee

If your finances are managed by the Public Trustee, the staff at Tolosa will be able to assist you in making requests for funds.
Please talk to staff if you have any questions.

Fees Information

Will I have to pay fees?

If you have been receiving care for more than 35 days within the Tasmanian Health Service, and are no longer acutely unwell, you will need to pay fees. The amount of fees depends on your individual situation.

This applies to all areas of the hospital and health services including mental health inpatient or residential services.

Why are there fees to stay at Tolosa Street?

We are required to apply Government legislation that outlines who will have to pay fees for their stay in hospital and health care facilities (Health Act 1997 and Health [Fees] Regulation 2007).

How much will I have to pay?

The amount you will have to pay depends on your individual situation.

Our team will talk with you about your circumstances and what other expenses or commitments you have. This information will help to work out how much you will need to pay.

How will my fees be paid?

We will contact you, your family or a financial administrator to arrange the best way for fees to be paid.

Please talk to one of the team, or phone 6166 0966, if you have any questions.