Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT)

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NEPT Consultation – Proposed Ambulance Service Regulations 2018 and Regulatory Impact Statement

The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking feedback on its proposed draft Ambulance Service Regulations 2018 and the accompanying Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) in relation to NEPT.

The amendments made to the Ambulance Service Act 1982 provide power to make Regulations to set minimum standards and requirements for the delivery of safe, quality NEPT services in Tasmania.

Following an extensive review process and in accordance with the Act, the draft Regulations have been developed and the changes proposed are outlined and explained in the RIS. Both the draft Regulations and the RIS are now available for consultation.  A copy of each have been provided on the right.

Interested stakeholders are invited to review the draft Regulations and the RIS.

Feedback and comments are welcomed and can be provided to the Regulation Unit no later than 6 July 2018 either via email to or post your feedback to GPO Box 125, Hobart 7001.

If you wish to discuss the proposal, please contact the Regulation Unit on 03 6166 3854.

Consultation Documents

Proposed Regulations

Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS)

Non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) is for patients who require basic clinical care and observation during transport, but do not have a time critical condition.  Patients must be clinically stable and their medical condition be unlikely to deteriorate during transport. Patients typically require a stretcher or wheelchair and are unsuitable for other methods of transport.

Most NEPT transfers occur between hospitals, or between home and hospital. Some aged care patients may also be transported to and from specialist health appointments or rehabilitation.

A registered medical practitioner, registered nurse or the State Communications Centre of Ambulance Tasmania must determine the patient’s eligibility for NEPT prior to being transported.  Patients eligible for NEPT will:

  • require basic clinical care and observation
  • be clinically stable
  • have an illness or a disability that makes it impractical to use any other form of transport; for example, severe immobility or disorientation.

NEPT services are booked for the patient by the sending facility, being a private hospital, nursing home, GP clinic or other health care service.  NEPT services cannot be privately booked by the patient as assessment by a health care professional is required prior to transport.

To operate an NEPT business in Tasmania, approval must be sought and granted under the Ambulance Service Act 1982 from the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.  An application form for a licence to provide NEPT services can be found in the list on the right.

There are currently five licensed providers of NEPT services in Tasmania.  These providers are:

All licensees are subject to the same conditions for the operation of the NEPT service.  Conditions are issued by the Secretary under section 35F of the Ambulance Service Act 1982. Each licence is publically available by clicking on the hyperlink for the service above.

The operation of the NEPT license is governed by the Ambulance Service Act 1982. Any concerns about the safety or quality of NEPT services or a breach of licence conditions can be provided to the Regulation Unit at

To apply for an NEPT licence or to vary or renewal an existing NEPT licence, please complete the appropriate form (provided on the right) .

NEPT Forms

Form 1  NEPT Application

Form 2  Statutory Declaration Fitness as Licensee

Form 3  Licensee Conviction Check

Form 4  Fitness and Probity

Form 5  Clinical Governance Checklist

Form 6  NEPT Renewal Application

Form 7  NEPT variation Application

If you have any issues accessing the forms or require a different format, please contact the Regulation Unit at or on (03) 6166 3854.