Give Your Child's Teeth a Healthy Start

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Stop your child’s teeth rotting

Breast milk is best

If you are not breastfeeding, use infant formula.

Around six months, your child can start to eat from a spoon. Start with smooth foods.

Give Your Child

  • Breast milk or formula
  • Cooled, boiled tap water from 6 - 12 months
  • Cow’s milk after one year.

Do Not Give Your Child

  • Flavoured milk
  • Cordial coffee/ tea
  • Fruit juice
  • Soft drink.

If your child has a dummy, do not put anything sweet on it.

Clean your child’s dummy under running water not in your mouth. Avoid sharing spoons with your child. Brush your teeth twice a day.

If Bottle Feeding

  • Take the bottle away when your child has finished drinking.
  • Do not let your child keep sucking on the bottle too long. Give up the bottle by one year.
  • At six months your child can use a cup.
  • Put your child to bed without a bottle, putting baby to bed with a bottle can cause tooth decay.

Cleaning your child’s teeth

You can start cleaning your child’s teeth with a clean cloth or a small soft toothbrush.

Clean your child’s teeth as soon as they come through.


0 – 17 months water only, no toothpaste.

18 months – 5 years use low fluoride children’s toothpaste. Unless your dental professional tells you something else.

Lift the lip

Lift your child’s top lip once a month to check for early signs of tooth decay. White lines along the gum line can be the beginning of tooth decay.

Please seek dental advice if you notice any changes in your child’s teeth.

Make baby a dental appointment at around 12  months of age.

Need More Information?

For your local Oral Health Services Tasmania dental clinic, Phone 1300 011 013 or go to Oral Health website
or Child Health and Parenting Services, Phone 1300 064 544